Mississippi Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mike Espy released a new ad attacking his opponent, Republican incumbent Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith’s push to reopen the economy earlier this year.  Espy asserts that Hyde-Smith called for reopening the economy before it was safe to do so.

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In Mississippi, one public official is at the helm of such decisions during this pandemic – Governor Tate Reeves.

Y’all Politics asked Governor Reeves if he took umbrage with Espy’s criticism of Hyde-Smith given that such decisions are under his purview.

“Candidate Espy is a liberal Democrat that is always going to criticize anyone who is trying to grow our state’s economy. If Mike Espy is elected to the U.S. Senate he is going to do exactly what Joe Biden and his liberal advisors tell him to do,” Reeves said. “Joe Biden has said that he would shutdown the economy, and I believe that if Biden is elected President and Mike Espy is elected to the U.S. Senate they’re going to try to shutdown the U.S. economy for months and months on end.”

Reeves added that it amazed him that a liberal Democrat running for Senate in this state would look at Mississippi’s response, compare the state to others ran by Democrats, and not see the positive difference in the results in pro-business, pro-employee Mississippi.

The Governor’s full response is shown below.