YP – Reeves probes Mississippians for opinion on pending lawsuit with Speaker Gunn

“What do you think?” wrote Governor Tate Reeves on Facebook regarding the current lawsuit he is involved in with Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, as well as other members.

The lawsuit was filed by Gunn against some of the Governor’s line item vetoes during the 2020 Legislative session. Reeves vetoed the Department of Education budget over concerns with the removal of the School Recognition Program and a partial veto of HB 1782. This is an appropriation bill related to CARES Act federal dollars for healthcare…

…Reeves said the motivation for this lawsuit came from “legislators trying to funnel money to friends with zero accountability,” an action he questioned in the post. To Reeves, he said it boils down to whether or not the governor should have some ability to stop “outrageous and ridiculous” spending deals.

YP – Speaker Gunn talks Legislature’s return, lawsuit over Governor’s vetoes with Capitol Press

Speaker of the House Philip Gunn told reporters on Monday during the Mississippi State University’s Stennis Institute of Government and the Capitol press corps online forum that it is more than likely that the Legislature would return to the Capitol before their set Sine Die date of October 10…

…At this time, Gunn said the plan is for the case to be handled by briefs only, with no oral arguments. Each side will prepare a brief that explains why their interpretation of the law on this particular matter is merited. A judge will then decide.

Gunn said they filed their brief last week and the Governor will have roughly 10 days to respond with a rebuttal.

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YP – Plenty of hypocrisy to go around on Ginsburg replacement – PU-LENTY

In an election cycle that has largely been a referendum on Trump, who is still way up in the polls in Mississippi, the SCOTUS pick has the real potential to get the conversation back to “elephants and donkeys”.  While Trump seems to be down in the electoral math today, this confirmation fight will definitely put Senators and Senate candidates on some tough decisions.

The toughest decision that may get driven is that Espy will have to make commitments to keep his out of state funding spigot flowing by opposing a woman, and possibly a woman of color, for a SCOTUS confirmation.

Although the TV and print press establishment in Mississippi will move heaven and earth to defend him and help him obfuscate, that’s going to be a really tough spot for him to have to politically fight against a female nominee.

YP – Espy benefits from Democrat fundraising via ActBlue following Justice Ginsburg’s death

The Mike Espy for Senate campaign announced Tuesday that they have already raised $1 million “as a result of galvanized support following the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

The campaign says in a statement, “Since Friday, September 18, Mike Espy has raised five times more than Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith did during the entire second quarter. Last quarter, Espy for Senate outraised Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith three-to-one.”

The Espy campaign says the donations come from over 23,000 first-time donors to the campaign with an average donation of $23.

YP – Hyde-Smith works with Pentagon on rapid testing

YP – Mississippi Freedom Caucus formed by House members, asks Governor to end COVID-19 orders


A group of North Mississippi Republican House members have formed the Mississippi Freedom Caucus.

Founding members listed on their new website are:

Rep. Chris Brown (R-HD 20)
Rep. Dana Criswell (R-HD 6)
Rep. Steve Hopkins (R-HD 7), Founding Chairman
Rep. Dan Eubanks (R-HD 25)
Rep. Brady Williamson (R-HD 10)

Congressman Thompson tackles Hair Discrimination

YP – Professoriate come out in support of striking Ole Miss professor under investigation by Auditor

Last week, it was made public that State Auditor Shad White was investigating an Ole Miss sociology professor who he says improperly participated in a two-day strike.

White cited Professor James Thomas’ “work stoppage” in participating in the strike, and explained in a letter to Chancellor Glenn Boyce that Mississippi code bans strikes or any other activities that create a work stoppage…

…Now, over 40 professors are calling on University of Mississippi Provost Noel Wilkin to stand with Thomas, saying he “has endured harassment and threat of job loss as a result of a concerted effort by state level politicians and the public.”

YP – Guest supporting law enforcement

WLOX – High demand is causing delays in liquor delivery; State leaders are looking at solutions

As cases of the coronavirus around the country continue to increase, another round of reopenings took place in Kentucky on Monday.

State leaders are looking for solutions to help improve the ailing Alcohol Beverage Control.

In recent months they’ve fell behind on delivering product to liquor stores around the state due to high demand…

…To fix that the state has created a study committee to look at how to improve the performance of the states alcohol beverage control.

They held a series of meetings at the Capitol this week.

They’re talking to restaurant owners, package stores, and brokers to get their input on what is needed to improve the delivery system.

Privatizing the operation to modernizing the facilities are both options the legislature will look at in the coming year.