YP – Governor Reeves provides COVID-19 update

Governor Tate Reeves updated Mississippi on where the state stands with COVID-19.

MSDH daily COVID-19 report

WLOX – Attorneys: Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves properly vetoed parts of bills

Attorneys: Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves properly vetoed parts of bills

The Mississippi attorney general’s office is arguing that Republican Gov. Tate Reeves acted within his constitutional powers when he vetoed parts of budget bills this year.

They filed arguments on behalf of the governor in Hinds County Chancery Court. Reeves is being sued there by the two top leaders of the Mississippi House, who are also Republicans.

In court disputes involving previous governors, the Mississippi Supreme Court has ruled that governors cannot partially veto budget bills.

YP – AG Fitch meets with President, AG to discuss online censorship

YP – Outgoing and prospective MSGOP Chairmen discuss party’s past and future

Current Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party Lucien Smith and prospective chairman Frank Bordeaux discussed accomplishments of the Republican party in the state over the last several years and where they hope to see it grow.

YP – Hyde-Smith releases new campaign ad, “Getting things done”

Republican U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith released a new campaign ad on Wednesday, entitled “Getting things done.”

“Two years ago when you elected me to the United States Senate, I made it my goal to represent all Mississippians,” Hyde-Smith says.  “I haven’t focused on the daily political drama of Washington, D.C.  I focused on getting things done for you, like growing our economy with lower taxes, reducing regulations, and helping farmers and small businesses bounce back during these uncertain economic times, because my job is to work for you.”

YP – MSGOP website up with Mike Espy oppo

The Mississippi Republican Party has a website up highlighting “the Real Mike Espy,” saying the Democrat U.S. Senate candidate it too liberal for Mississippi.

Republicans list “5 Reasons to Not Vote for Mike Espy,” noting he is anti-Trump, anti-Kavanaugh, pro-abortion, pro-high taxes, and too corrupt for the Clintons.  They say Mississippi deserves better.

YP – Hyde-Smith pushes to restore FDA rules on abortion pills

Congressman Thompson calls Kentucky ruling “incomplete justice”

WLOX – Debate over two medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot

Debate over two medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot

Andy Taggart, shares the views of those who think Initiative 65 would cause unintended consequences by actually changing the Mississippi constitution.

“We ought not allow a $14 billion marijuana industry into our state’s constitution,” said Taggart. “If folks believe that marijuana should be legal or medical marijuana legal they should take it to the legislature.”

Voters can either vote for approval of both, vote against both, or vote for one.

“We have a sample ballot on our web site, medicalmarijuana2020.com that shows people they need to vote for approval of either on the first question,” said Grantham. “They must also vote on the second question for initiative 65. Both questions have to be answered.”

Grantham said opponents have ‘muddied the water,” and those against Initiative 65 are encouraging people to do research before they vote.

YP – Auditor arrests Macon municipal clerk

WLBT – Campaigning begins for the In God We Trust flag

Campaigning begins for the In God We Trust flag

What will be the state’s next flag? A lot of votes and steps have already been taken. But the next step is at the polls.

Think of the In God We Trust flag as the candidate and Mississippi’s business leaders are now working to organize a campaign of sorts.

“Making sure people understand that, ‘Hey, the vote is on November 3 and this particular event is at the very bottom of the ballot,’” said Mississippi Economic Council President and CEO Scott Waller. “There’s a lot of other things on the ballot above it but get to the bottom of ballot and cast your vote.”

The Mississippi Economic Council and Alliance for Mississippi’s Future are teaming up for the campaign. They’ve created ingodwetrustflag.com where people can learn more about the design and make a donation to the campaign to receive items like a yard sign, car tag, decal or face maks. They’ve studied the topic for years now and believe it’s important folks know what’s at stake.

WJTV – Two Mississippi Museums to exhibit former state flag

CLARION LEDGER – Judge denies motion to dismiss defamation lawsuit over HuffPost story involving Brett Kavanaugh

Community activist Derrick Evans of Gulfport, Miss. is seen in this 2016 photo

A federal judge has refused to dismiss a Mississippi man’s defamation lawsuit against the news website HuffPost over a 2018 story on U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s days at Georgetown Prep school.

Gulfport professor and advocate Derrick Evans’ lawsuit was filed in August 2019 in U.S. District Court in Gulfport against HuffPost.com and its former journalist, Ashley Feinberg.

The lawsuit said HuffPost and Feinberg repeatedly defamed Evans and friend Douglas Kennedy to a nationwide audience in September 2018 by falsely asserting they helped arrange the purchase and delivery of cocaine at Georgetown Prep that resulted in the April 1984 death of David Kennedy, Douglas’ brother and the son of the late U.S. attorney general and senator, Robert F. Kennedy.