YP – Briefs filed by Governor and Speaker outline legal arguments over line item vetoes

Attorneys for Governor Tate Reeves and Speaker of the House Philip Gunn have both submitted their written arguments in the lawsuit filed by the Speaker and other House members over several of Reeves’ line item vetoes earlier this year.

In Reeves’ brief, he outlines why he believes it was well within his right as Governor to veto portions of HB 1782, a CARES Act House bill that appropriated $2 million to a specified hospital and another $6 million to a program.

The first line of the Governor’s brief reads: “The Mississippi Constitution empowers the Governor to ‘veto parts of any appropriation bill’ sent to him by the Legislature.”

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YP – Lawsuit filed challenging Governor’s executive orders during pandemic

A Panola County attorney has filed a federal lawsuit against Governor Tate Reeves over his executive orders resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michael Herrin claims have Governor Reeves’ executive orders have “systematically stripped the Plaintiff and all of the citizens of the State of Mississippi of the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.”

The lawsuit says the actions of Governor Reeves by use of the executive orders are in violation of the restricted authority granted by the Emergency Management and Civil Defense Act and were overly broad.  Herrin claims the orders were not properly tailored, arbitrary and capricious at their inception, and patently unconstitutional under the First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

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YP – First FY 2022 Legislative Budget Hearings held with major state agencies

Legislative Budget Hearings were held on Thursday in Jackson. Several of the state agencies appeared before the Lt. Governor, Speaker and members to present their budget requests for FY 2022.

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WLOX – Senators look forward to more communication for future GCRF grant projects

Senators look forward to more communication for future GCRF grant projects

Thursday morning, Senators Joel Carter and Mike Thompson talked with the Gulf Coast Business Council about the need for the legislature to have more conversations with local business leaders about proposed Gulf Coast Restoration Fund projects, in order to help state leaders make better decisions with the pot of money.

“We don’t want to be up there voting on projects that are bad projects. We don’t want that perception,” Carter said. “We have a huge opportunity right now… It’s a leadership change, our first year with this process. We made some mistakes, but we’ll do better with the upcoming legislative session.”

Among the 27 projects approved in the first round of funding by the legislature, only eight were recommended by the Gulf Coast Restoration Fund Advisory Board. But 75% of the total $700 million settlement must be spent in the lower six counties.

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