Frank Bordeaux

Members of the Mississippi State Republican Party Executive Committee today voted to name Coast businessman Frank Bordeaux to succeed Lucien Smith as Chairman. Smith served as Chairman for three years and chose not to seek another term.

“We are excited to welcome Frank Bordeaux as the new Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party during a year that is critical for conservatives across our state and our nation,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “With this passing of the torch, Mississippi Republicans can be assured that the success and gains made will only continue to flourish under Frank’s conservative leadership. As a long-time, dedicated Republican with a work ethic that is unmatched, our Party is in good hands with Frank at the helm.”

“I am grateful to the State Executive Committee for their selection of me as Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party and thankful for the confidence Governor Reeves has placed in me,” MSGOP Chairman Frank Bordeaux said. “This is a pivotal time to be a Republican. Now, more than ever, good governance demands the principled, constitutionally-rooted ideals of conservatism. Our Party will remain resolute in its push to defend and expand liberty. I thank Lucien for his work to ensure the health and strength of the MSGOP and look forward to sweeping the ballot in November.”

Bordeaux is vice president at a Mississippi-based insurance agency. He is a member of the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, and Independent Insurance Agents of Mississippi.

He is a lifelong active Republican and is an experienced and respected political leader, working at grassroots and broad levels to promote conservative policies and candidates.

Outgoing chairman Smith offered the following message on his last day via his Facebook page.

During Smith’s three-year chairmanship, the MSGOP won control of every policy-making body at the state level. Republicans now hold all eight statewide offices, a majority on the Transportation Commission, a majority on the Public Service Commission, and supermajorities in both the Mississippi House of Representatives and the Mississippi State Senate. Smith was elected Chairman of the MSGOP by the State Executive Committee in 2017 at the recommendation of Governor Phil Bryant.

“I am incredibly grateful for the trust Mississippi Republicans placed in me as Chairman and for the understanding and support my family and business partners provided to me during my term,” Lucien Smith said. “These past three years have been historically successful thanks to the work of grassroots activists and Republican officials up and down the ballot. We now control every policy-making body at the state level; we’ve broken fundraising records; we’ve made more than 3 million distinct voter contacts; and we’ve spread the message around the state that there’s only one conservative party in Mississippi—the Republican Party. Our Party is as healthy and as strong as it has ever been, and the results are evident. More than 100 people who were originally elected to local office as Democrats have chosen to walk away from their party to govern as and run as Republicans. After three years in this role, I have achieved what I set out to achieve initially. It is time for me hand over the reins to someone new. Our new Chairman Frank Bordeaux is a valued and experienced political leader, and I know he will work to build even more growth for our Party and our state. I wish him every success.”

“Lucien Smith has devoted much of the last three years to the betterment of our party and our state. During his chairmanship we have made great gains at the county and local levels, and for the first time all statewide offices are held by Republicans,” Senator Roger Wicker said. “Gayle and I are grateful for his service, and we are excited to welcome Frank Bordeaux as the new chairman of our party. Frank is a proven leader in successful campaigns. I know he will continue in the strong traditions of our party.”

“It has been an honor and privilege to work with Lucien these last three years.  As chairman, he has been an outstanding ambassador for our party and our state.  He will be able to look back at his time as chairman with many accomplishments, and I wish him and his family the best,” Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith said. “I also look forward to continuing to work with Frank Bordeaux in his new role.  Frank is hardworking, dedicated and knows what it will take to make the GOP even more successful in the future.”

More from Additional Officials 

“I have known and worked closely with Lucien for years and am thankful for his tireless efforts to build the MSGOP during his time as Chairman. He deeply respects our Constitution and the principles that make our nation and our state great and has promoted those ideals at every level of government. He has built consensus, energy, and strength in the conservative movement in our state and has poised us for even more growth,” Former Governor Phil Bryant said. “The committee has chosen a qualified successor in Frank Bordeaux. Frank has worked hard for years to support and elect conservative candidates, and I have no doubt he will work hard to protect and expand the success of Mississippi Republicans.”

“The future of Mississippi’s Republican party is in great hands with Frank. I’ve worked with him for many years and know that he will continue defending the conservative principles that Mississippians cherish,” Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-04) said. “I appreciate Chairman Smith’s time serving the GOP over the last several years and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

“Lucien Smith is an outstanding leader who has worked tirelessly to build Mississippi’s Republican Party, and I appreciate his service,” Congressman Trent Kelly (MS-01) said. “Incoming Chairman Frank Bordeaux is an excellent choice to move our Party forward, and I am excited to be working with him.”

“Lucien Smith has done an excellent job as Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party. During his time of service, Republicans were elected to all eight statewide offices in our state which is a historic accomplishment,” Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) said. “I have full confidence in Frank Bordeaux as he steps in as the new Chairman to oversee another great period of Republican leadership.”

“Lucien Smith is a strong advocate for conservative causes, and has led the Mississippi Republican Party with a steady hand and strong character.  Serving as Chairman takes a lot of time away from family, and personal and professional endeavors, but Lucien put all talents and intellect into the position.  His leadership and friendship have meant much to me personally and to our Senate Republicans,” Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann said. “I congratulate my friend Frank Bordeaux as he becomes the next Chairman during a critical time in Mississippi’s and in our nation’s history. We look forward to working with him in the future.”

“Having known Lucien most of his life, I’ve seen the qualities of good character, integrity and leadership instilled in him from an early age. During his tenure at the MSGOP, we saw this in action as Lucien’s leadership grew the party forward and ensured that we maintained a supermajority in the Mississippi Legislature.” House Speaker Philip Gunn said. “I welcome Frank to his new position at the MSGOP and look forward to working with him.”

“During my brief stint in the political world, I’ve learned a great deal about the Republican Party apparatus here in Mississippi, and the work it takes to move the party forward,” Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson said. “I’m thankful for the effort, intelligence and dedication my friend, Lucien Smith, poured into the party during his tenure as Chairman. He’s been a straight shooter and fair from day one. Lucien leaves the MS Republican Party in better shape than he found it, and I trust my friend, Frank Bordeaux, will pick up right where Chairman Smith ended. Frank is smart, hard-working, and an extremely successful businessman with a beautiful family. I look forward to working with and supporting our new Chairman.”

“I want to thank Chairman Lucien Smith for his excellent leadership at the MSGOP these past several years.  Thanks to his hard work, steady hand, and foresight, Mississippi is poised to have another successful election supporting President Trump, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, and our Republicans in Congress at the polls,” Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch said.  “I look forward to working with our new Chairman Frank Bordeaux and his incoming team in the months and years to come to promote Mississippi’s best interests through strong Republican candidates and Republican principles.”

“I want to thank Lucien Smith for his excellent service to the party. Lucien and I worked closely together when I ran Governor Bryant’s 2015 re-election campaign and Lucien was the Governor’s Chief of Staff. Lucien was a smart and trusted colleague, and his work for the party was top notch,” State Auditor Shad White said. “I’m excited about the future we have with Frank Bordeaux, as well.”

“Thank you to Lucien Smith for his dedicated service to our Party and principles,” State Treasurer David McRae said. “While he will be missed, I am excited to welcome Frank Bordeaux as the Party’s new Chairman. I am confident Frank will do a tremendous job growing the GOP tent and rallying Mississippi around the values we share.”

“Lucien Smith leaves big shoes to fill. For years, Lucien has been in the trenches to push conservative policy in the state, and elect Republicans to office. I and other Republicans are thankful for his sacrifices both professionally and personally to meet the rigorous demands as Mississippi Republican Party Chairman. He’ll be able to look back at this time with satisfaction that comes from success. But looking forward, I suspect we’ll continue to see Lucien in the fight for our conservative Republican issues and candidates,” Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson said. “I got to know Frank Bordeaux during my first statewide campaign. He demonstrated effective and dedicated efforts at helping me and the Republican cause, and has a tremendous record of conservative service on the Coast. I know he’ll bring that energy, experience and drive to continue to elect Republicans as Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party.”


Release from the Mississippi Republican Party.