Mississippi REALTORS released the following statement today in opposition to Initiative 65:

As property professionals and community champions, Mississippi REALTORS® are committed to preserving private property rights, building better communities, and working with local governments to improve the lives of Mississippians. In the spirit of preserving private property rights and promoting responsible community development, the Mississippi REALTORS® affirm the following advocacy positions:

  • The Mississippi REALTORS® oppose any legislation that would limit the authority of cities and counties to zone as they see fit.
  • To promote livable communities, governments should encourage quality growth by sufficiently funding transportation and infrastructure (roads, water, sewer, etc.) to provide the framework for a community’s quality of life and lay the essential groundwork for accommodating quality commercial, industrial and residential growth.

After careful review of the proposed constitutional language contained within Initiative 65, the Mississippi REALTORS® oppose Initiative 65 and encourage everyone to vote Against Initiative 65. The proposed constitutional language with Initiative 65 removes a city’s and county’s ability to zone as it sees fit. The Mississippi REALTORS® believe that municipalities and counties, not out-of-state interests, should have the ultimate say in how their communities look and function; however, Initiative 65 removes local control from our local governments.

While Initiative 65 contains questionable language about the consequences of marijuana legalization, one fact remains clear- not one dollar will go to the improvement of our schools or critical infrastructure in Mississippi. The drafters of this constitutional language have insulated themselves and propose to operate tax free in Mississippi. The Mississippi REALTORS® believe a projected multi-million dollar industry should not be exempt from taxation when our schools, roads, and communities should benefit from additional revenue.

The Mississippi REALTORS® remain dedicated and committed to improving the quality of life for all Mississippians by advancing private property rights and building better communities. The constitutional language of Initiative 65 is in direct conflict with the vision of the Mississippi REALTORS® and for that reason, the Mississippi REALTORS® oppose Initiative 65.


Submitted by Mississippi REALTORS.