Wednesday night, Vice President Mike Pence and Democrat VP candidate Sen. Kamala Harris faced off in their only debate of this election cycle.

The debate, held in Utah, was moderated by Susan Page of the USA Today.

Mississippians tuned in to watch the two candidates.  Here is what they are saying this morning:

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith

Hyde-Smith’s campaign issued the following statement:

“The lesson of tonight’s debate was clear: The Republican agenda will grow wages; the Democratic agenda will grow government. Vice President Pence’s pro-jobs argument promoted freedom and personal responsibility, while Senator Harris pushed for a full government takeover of our healthcare, job market, energy supply, and family units.”

Mike Espy

The Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate wished Harris luck ahead of the debate.

Congressman Bennie Thompson

Thompson focused on race in his tweet supporting Harris.

Ag Commissioner Andy Gipson

Gipson called Trump-Pence the “Freedom ticket.”

Antonia Eliason

The Democrat candidate running in the 1st Congressional District says Biden should ban fracking, supporting the Green New Deal.

Mayor Jason Shelton

The Tupelo mayor took the snarky route in his tweets.