Four special election runoffs will be held on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, to fill vacancies in the Mississippi House and Senate.

Here is a rundown of who you will see on the ballot in the following districts:

Senate District 15

Bart Williams

Joyce Meek Yates

Williams won 34% of the votes cast on September 22nd, followed by Yates with 27% in the field of 4 candidates.

Senate District 39

Bill Sones

Jason Barrett

In a 9-person race, Sones won 32% of the votes in the initial election, with Barrett pulling in 19%.

House District 37

Lynn Wright

David Chism

Wright narrowly missed winning the first round outright, drawing 49% of the vote to Chism’s 32% in the 3-person race.

House District 66

DeKeither Stamps

Robert C. “Bob” Lee, Jr.

Six candidates faced off in the first round election with Stamps winning 40% to Lee’s 26%.


Special Elections are non-partisan, meaning candidates do not declare a party affiliation and no party is listed on the ballot. The winners will determine which party to caucus with upon being sworn-in to their new seats in the state House and Senate.

These elections will not shift the power balance in the Mississippi Legislature as Republican hold supermajorities in the both chambers.