Today, Mississippi U.S. Senate candidate Mike Espy released a new ad entitled “Fair Share,” where the Democrat speaks of passing laws with Republicans, invoking former Sen. Thad Cochran and former President Ronald Reagan.

“I’m Mike Espy, and I was Mississippi’s first Black congressman since Reconstruction. And I’ve always fought to deliver for our state,” Espy begins in the ad. “I’ve passed laws with Republicans, like Thad Cochran, and President Reagan to bring good jobs here. As secretary of agriculture, I opened markets for Mississippi all around the world. I approve this message, because I do what’s best for Mississippi, regardless of party. And I know how to get our fair share in Washington.”

The ad marks a major shift in Espy’s campaign efforts.  Espy has run much further to the political left in 2020 than he did in 2018.

Espy has touted the endorsements of high profile Democrats during this 2020 cycle, including Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, and others who have publicly called for the expansion of Medicaid, protecting Obamacare, providing increased funding for abortion provider Planned Parenthood, ending fracking, and pushing for a Green New Deal, among other popular left-leaning policies.  Cash has tumbled in from the progressive left nationwide as a result.

Mississippi Republican Party chairman Frank Bordeaux questioned Espy’s sudden run to the right as Election Day nears, asking, “How ‘moderate’ can anyone be while opposing President Reagan in 3 out of every 4 votes?  Make no mistake, Espy will be a rubber stamp for the far left.”

The newly minted MSGOP chairman also took issue with the Democrat candidate’s claim that he’s running to be a voice for all Mississippians.

“FACT CHECK: Mike Espy was the most liberal Mississippi Democrat at a time when every Mississippi House seat was occupied by a Democrat,” Bordeaux said.  “Was that representing ‘all’ Mississippians or just the farthest left wing?”

In response to the ad, Mississippi Democratic Party chairman Tyree Irving called Espy “a good Democrat,” adding that he saw no issue with Espy’s latest campaign narrative.

“I have no problem with Mike’s statement.  Mike is a good Democrat, and Democrats always represent their entire constituency, not just their base,” Irving said. “Mike will represent all Mississippians I look forward to Mike working across the aisle to make a real difference for Mississippi.  That difference is long overdue.”

Y’all Politics sought further comment from the Espy campaign for this article but they did not respond by deadline.