On Monday, Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Frank Bordeaux and Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) participated in a Trump Victory press call to show their support for recently nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the U.S. Supreme Court. Hearings on the confirmation of Barrett are currently taking place in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Bordeaux said the majority of Republican Mississippians are standing together in support of Barrett. He added that she shows the characteristics of someone who Republicans can stand behind.

Barrett was confirmed back in 2017 for the judgeship she currently holds in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Her confirmation for that position was overwhelmingly confirmed by the Senate, and Congressman Guest says that fact should not be forgotten during this confirmation process.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett

“I believe she is entitled to her confirmation and will ultimately be nominated to serve. I feel that she will serve our nation well,” said Guest.

He added that the American public should remain focused on one thing, ‘Is Judge Barrett qualified to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court,’ and put other personal opinions aside.

Guest said his initial impression of her nomination was that she was a mentally qualified individual who would serve the public well. He said she was an individual he would be proud to say represents America on the highest court.

While some American’s still believe the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice should be decided by who wins the November Presidential election, both Bordeaux and Guest say President Donald Trump is doing exactly as he should.

Former President Barack Obama also had the chance to sit a Supreme Court Justice in the last year of his term.  However, he unsuccessful because the Senate did not vote to confirm his nominee. This will likely not be the case for Trump’s nomination of Barrett since Republicans hold a majority in the Senate.

Pundits have stated that going forward with a nomination could have consequences in the November election.

“I’m not concerned, and I believe that all elections have consequences. Trump did the same thing Obama did in an election year. The difference is that the Senate is controlled by Republicans and they have the votes to confirm the nomination,” said Bordeaux.

Guest echoed his remarks, adding that there are always consequences when appointing someone to the Supreme Court.

“If someone doesn’t like that she was appointed, they have the right to go to the ballot box and cast their vote in opposition of whoever they believe was in charge of that decision,” said Guest. He added that he would vote to confirm her if he were in the Senate’s position.

Bordeaux said the opposition to Barrett’s nomination is nothing more than political posturing from the left and is not merited after she received bipartisan support from her nomination in 2017.