Tuesday was the runoff election for two Mississippi Senate seats and two House seats. In accordance with Code Section 23-15-817, campaign finance filings are reported by the Secretary of State’s office. They are also required to publish anyone’s name in Statewide or Legislative office who failed to file their report on time.

Individuals who failed to timely file their campaign finance report by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, and still had not filed their report to date include (both have since filed):

Other candidates in the runoff filed successfully. Below are the reports by filed in each race.

Senate District 15

Bart Williams reported raising no money this period but did have $25,000 in disbursements. He was successful in winning his race, and had $75,000 cash on hand in the end.

Senate District 39 

Bill Sones reported $23,800 in contributions for this period with a total cash on hand of $29,453.73.

Beth Brown reported contributions of $6,555.48 for this period, bringing her totals to $14,605.48 with no cash on hand.

Mike Campbell reported $600 in contributions this period. He ended the race with no cash on hand.

House District 66

Winner of the House District 66 seat, De’Keither Stamps, reported contributions of $14,375 for this period with $2,255.53 cash on hand.

Bob Lee reported $300 in contributions this period with $1,957.79 cash on hand at the end of the election.

House District 37 

Lynn Wright, who won the seat in the HD 37 race, reported a total of $399 for this period with a negative cash on hand balance of $6,531.63.