Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s Humanity Forward PAC has endorsed Mississippi Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate Mike Espy.

“If we’re going to rewrite the rules of the 21st century economy, we can’t just win the White House — we need to win a Senate majority, too,” Yang writes in the endorsement fundraising email. “That’s why I’m proud to announce Humanity Forward’s endorsement of a trailblazing people’s champion — Mike Espy for the US Senate in Mississippi!”

Yang goes on to talk about Espy’s past public service before adding this nugget:

“Now, let’s help Mike win so we can flip Mississippi and flip the Senate. Can you chip in today to help us flip the Senate?’ Yang asks.  “If we take the Senate majority along with the White House in November, we’ll stand a much better chance of passing a permanent Universal Basic Income.”

To date, Espy’s campaign has not mentioned their support for Universal Basic Income during this election.

Y’all Politics sent the Espy campaign an inquiry asking if he supports Yang’s policy proposal and will update this article if they respond.

Yang made Universal Basic Income a central tenet of his failed 2020 presidential bid.  His plan would have the federal government give every American over 18 years old at least $1,000 per month.  Yang said previously that the payments would be offset by a 10% value-added tax and by replacing duplicative social-welfare spending.



The Espy Campaign did not respond to the request for comment on this story.

However, Espy did commit to support Andrew Yang’s proposal of “temporary stimulus checks for the next six months to help families recover from the pandemic” on Twitter following this endorsement.

“We must do everything we can to make sure Mississippians have money in our pockets and our economy has the ability to recover quickly,” Espy tweeted.