With help from the national Democratic machine, largely in the wake of the death of former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and utilizing the resources of out-of-state donors through ActBlue and other Democrat groups, Mike Espy raised more than $4 million this reporting period leaving his campaign with just over $3 million cash on hand.

Such a haul by a Democrat candidate in Mississippi is unheard of in recent memory.  However, most analysts agree it is unlikely to result in success at the ballot box in conservative Mississippi.

In contract to Espy, Republican incumbent Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith brought in over $800,000 this period and maintains nearly $1.5 million cash on hand.

Most every credible campaign rating analyst agrees that despite Espy’s ability to draw in national Democrat dollars to this 2020 race, Hyde-Smith remains the odds on favorite to win re-election in the November 3rd General Election by a similar margin of victory as she defeated Espy in the 2018 special election.

It is plausible that Hyde-Smith may, in fact, win by a greater margin given that President Donald Trump is at the top of ballot and voter turnout is expected to be higher than it was two years ago.  Mississippi voters appear to remain solidly in Trump’s corner.

Espy has largely used his funds to promote his message across social media, namely Facebook and YouTube, as well as purchase significant traditional media buys in various television markets and select radio stations.  His goal, as he has repeatedly stated, is to drive up black voter turnout this cycle as he views that as the key to his chances against Hyde-Smith.

Hyde-Smith’s campaign has not focused on fundraising this cycle, choosing instead to center their message on “working for the people” and showing results of what her time in office has accomplished.  Her campaign has rolled out more ad spots in recent weeks, both across social and traditional media, attacking Espy’s record, tying him to his national party’s liberal policies, and highlighting her support for conservative issues such as backing President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Once the reports are loaded to the Federal Election Commission website you can view them here.

Another round of financial disclosures are to be filed with the FEC by October 22nd.