YP – DPS Commissioner Sean Tindell talks first 120 days in office

Sean Tindell, a former state senator and Court of Appeals judge, was appointed as the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety by Governor Tate Reeves in the height of a global pandemic.  However, that hasn’t stopped him from making major changes in just 120 days.

YP – MS Supreme Court candidate Lynchard makes “Bennie’s ballot” in lead up to Election

Making “Bennie’s sample ballot” is the key signal of validation Mississippi Democrat voters look for before heading to the polls.

Congressman Bennie Thompson, now one of the most influential Democrats in the country, has produced this year’s “sample ballot” for the 2020 election to let voters in his district know who he believes they should vote for come November 3rd, essentially giving his blessing on the candidates and ballot initiatives he supports and that best align with Democrats…

…While no formal announcement has been made, the one “endorsement” Thompson gives on this “sample ballot” that could be suspect for voters is Judge Percy Lynchard.

Lynchard is challenging sitting Justice Josiah Coleman for the District 3, Place 3 seat on the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Gov. Reeves helps announces $1 billion Universal Music project on Coast

MSDH daily COVID-19 report

Governor Reeves issues warning as COVID-19 numbers rise

Yang’s PAC endorses Espy, says it gives Democrats better chance to pass universal basic income

Yang goes on to talk about Espy’s past public service before adding this nugget:

“Now, let’s help Mike win so we can flip Mississippi and flip the Senate. Can you chip in today to help us flip the Senate?’ Yang asks.  “If we take the Senate majority along with the White House in November, we’ll stand a much better chance of passing a permanent Universal Basic Income.”

To date, Espy’s campaign has not mentioned their support for Universal Basic Income during this election.

Espy supports Yang’s 6 month stimulus checks

Lt. Gov. Hosemann congratulates incoming Senators following special election wins

YP – BIPEC releases statement in opposition to Initiative 65

BIPEC is concerned with the overreaching language of Initiative 65. A significant concern is the likelihood of marijuana-related employment lawsuits. Employers could face the risk of litigation because of impaired employees hurting someone on the job or damaging the business. Also, at issue is that our elected officials will have no input on the location and regulation of the marijuana industry. This, coupled with the fact that no revenue from Initiative 65 will go to improve our communities, makes initiative 65 a bad proposition for Mississippi voters. The business community members are active participants in our state’s economy through job creation and contributions to our state’s tax base. If passed, Initiative 65 provides a tax exemption to the marijuana industry in Mississippi and because the language will be enshrined in the constitution, the policy is near permanent.

YP – Medicare open enrollment runs through December 7

Wickers receives Farm Bureau award