October 19, 2020-In September, the Mississippi Bankers Association released the below statement in support of the “In God We Trust Flag.” As the election nears, the MBA Board of Directors and bankers all over state stand united in support of progress for Mississippi. “The MBA adopted this statement in part because we believe the proposed new flag will encourage economic growth and present our state in a positive way to all of our citizens and potential out-of-state businesses interested in locating to our great state,” said MBA Chair Andy Anderson, President and CEO, Bank of Anguilla, Anguilla.    

The Mississippi Bankers Association (MBA) would like to congratulate the Commission to Redesign the Mississippi State Flag on completing the monumental task of sorting through almost 3,000 submitted designs and finalizing a new flag design that is a timeless representative of our state. The Commission’s process was transparent and involved a great amount of public input. The MBA would also like to commend the Mississippi Legislature for their role in changing the official flag of Mississippi. This was no small feat.   

As civic and community leaders from all around the state, Mississippi bankers believe that in order to continue to move forward as a state we need to unite behind the “In God We Trust Flag.” The magnolia is a timeless and constant symbol of Mississippi, and the intrinsic and religious meaning thoughtfully included in the “In God We Trust” flag ensures that it is a design that can represent our state for years to come.  

We encourage Mississippians to adopt to the “In God We Trust Flag” in November so that we can move forward together.  

“Mississippi banks employ more than 20,000 Mississippians, and provide essential services to a countless, diverse group of customers that live in every community in our state. It is important that Mississippi’s flag unite Mississippians, and Mississippi bankers support the “In God We Trust” flag because it is a great representation of our state,” said MBA Treasurer Mitch Waycaster, President and CEO, Renasant Bank, Tupelo.

It is the hope of bankers around the state that Mississippians will vote in support of the “In God We Trust Flag” in November, so that the people of Mississippi can move forward united under one flag representative of all communities.

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