YP – Trump Campaign issues “Cease and Desist Letter” to Pro-65 Group

The Trump for President Campaign issued a Cease and Desist letter on October 12 to Mississippians for Compassionate Care “for unauthorized and misleading representations of President Trump’s support for Initiative Measure No. 65.”

The letter from Michael J. Glassner, a senior official with the Trump Campaign, to Jamie Grantham of the Mississippians for Compassionate Care states, “your organization has been circulating misleading information using the President’s name… President Trump has never expressed support for Initiative 65, and his campaign demands that you immediately cease and desist all activities using the President’s name, image or likeness in support of the legalization of medical marijuana in Mississippi.”

YP – Former Initiative 65 Leaders Now Voting Against Marijuana Proposal

Several former “steering committee members” of the pro-Initiative 65 Medical Marijuana 2020 have recently decided to vote against the proposal to legalize “medical marijuana” in Mississippi.

Dr. Jason Dean, Tim Moore and Clarke Reed all initially supported the concept of Initiative 65 when it was presented to them under the guise of a genuine medical marijuana program and agreed to serve on the group’s steering committee; however, each of them after getting the facts about Initiative 65 have decided to remove their names from the steering committee and vote against Initiative 65 on November 3rd.

“It sounded like a good idea; we all know people who have struggled with cancer and other diseases,” said Clarke Reed, a businessman and Republican leader from Greenville. “When the marijuana group’s leader approached me, he convinced me this was only about helping really sick people, but it is now clear this is all about making money for the out-of-state marijuana industry.”

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YP – CORDER: 50 Cent, Ice Cube proof prominent black voices are open to support Republicans

For decades, Democrats have taken the black vote for granted, expecting it to be a “loyal” bloc for the left.

Establishment leaders in the Democratic Party, such as Congressman Bennie Thompson in Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District, have generally been propagating a narrative that Republicans are racist and anti-minority, and that conservatives cannot relate to the plight of black voters…

…Yet now, with two weeks left until Election Day, some impactful black voices are questioning what policy proposals from the left would do to not only black communities but the nation as a whole.

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YP – AG FITCH: Mississippi sues Google for violating antitrust laws

Attorney General Lynn Fitch announced today that Mississippi, along with the Department of Justice and ten other state Attorneys General, filed a civil antitrust lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to prevent Google from unlawfully maintaining monopolies through anticompetitive and exclusionary practices in the search and search advertising markets.
“When companies engage in fierce marketplace innovation, consumers benefit,” said Attorney General Lynn Fitch. “But, Google crossed the line and engaged in the kind of monopolistic behaviors that do harm not only to individual consumers, but also to the market itself. We bring this suit to promote competition by making room for others to grow.”

YP – ALEC ranks Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves 29th nationally on economic freedom

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) today released the first ever Governors ranking, the 2020 Laffer-ALEC Report on Economic Freedom. The scorecard ranks America’s 50 governors based on policy performance and result, as well as executive leadership before and after the start of the COVID-19 health crisis. Gov. Reeves receives 3 out of 5 stars and ranks 29th overall. Gov. Reeves’ mission to lead Mississippi to a more pro-business climate will help continue the state’s recent employment growth.


“State executives implement policy and respond to crisis in dramatically different ways,” said Reagan Economist Dr. Arthur B. Laffer. “At such a critical decision point, voters need fact-based, nonpartisan data to judge their leaders and hold them accountable. The objective data voters need is all about economics, and it’s all found in this ranking.”

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YP – Chris Wells named Permanent MDEQ Head

Governor Tate Reeves announced that Chris Wells will serve as the permanent Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Wells served as the Chief of Staff at MDEQ for six years, and the Senior Attorney for the department prior to that. He has served as Interim Executive Director since the Governor’s inauguration. Wells is a graduate of Mississippi State University and the Mississippi College School of Law.

“Chris is a dedicated public servant who has spent the bulk of his career working for the people of Mississippi. He knows what it means to put their priorities first, and he has been a steady hand in this vital role since I took office. I have the utmost confidence in him, and I know that he will continue to serve the people well,” said Governor Tate Reeves.

WLOX – Depreo wins Diamondhead special mayoral election

Depreo wins Diamondhead special mayoral election

Residents of Diamondhead came out to vote for the city’s second mayor in municipal history in a special election Tuesday.

After all of the ballots were counted, absentee included, Councilwoman Nancy Depreo was elected Diamondhead’s next mayor with 1,121 votes. Her opponent Richard Willis received 888 votes.

The mayoral seat has been vacant since the passing of Tommy Schafer back in July. Schafer served as Diamonhead’s first elected mayor after the city was incorporated in 2012.