Governor Tate Reeves posted on social media Monday night in support of Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Josiah Coleman’s re-election bid.

Coleman is running for the District 3, Position 3 seat against Judge Percy Lynchard.

Reeves said of Coleman on Facebook and Twitter:

“Amy Coney-Barrett will not just be a good Supreme Court justice. I predict she will be among the best we have ever had in this country.

“In Mississippi, the people choose our state Supreme Court justices. Josiah Coleman is the true conservative running in north Mississippi.

“Coleman’s opponent is supported by the same Democrats and trial lawyers working to tear down ACB. That’s where all the money and influence to take down Josiah Coleman comes from.

“Please don’t let the liberals sneak one of their judges in here. Vote for Josiah Coleman!”

While judicial elections are non-partisan, partisan officials and political parties routinely openly back candidates.  The Mississippi Republican Party has stated their support for Coleman.  Lynchard made Congressman Bennie Thompson’s “sample ballot,” giving the Democrat’s blessing and unspoken endorsement in the race.