Zeta could reach Gulf Coast by Wednesday

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Tropical Storm Zeta is currently situated in the southern Caribbean moving northwest at 9 mph with maximum sustained winds of 70 mph.  Zeta is expected to reach Hurricane strength over the next 24 hours as it cross the tip of Mexico.  Current modelling shows it reaching the northern Gulf of Mexico Wednesday night, with Mississippi in the current track.

YP – CONGRESSMAN PALAZZO: Why I’m Voting No on Medical Marijuana

Recently, there have been efforts to fool Mississippians into creating America’s new marijuana capital in our own backyard. This November, Mississippi voters will be asked to adopt or strike down ballot Initiative 65. If Initiative 65 is adopted, marijuana dispensaries would be free to set up shop anywhere in our communities, creating a myriad of issues for law enforcement and health care officials.

Passage of this initiative would force licensed physicians to certify medical marijuana without issuing prescriptions, an uncommon practice that is highly troubling and neglectful. This open-ended language is certain to open the door to anyone who wants medical marijuana, and not just those with the stated qualifying conditions. Without accountability written in, an individual will be able to self-medicate using a federally illegal substance without consumption limitations. This is dangerous for Mississippians and the future of our state.

MSDH COVID-19 report

Obama era AG Holder to join Espy for campaign call

YP – Espy touts fundraising haul 2 weeks before Election

Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mike Espy is reporting that his campaign brought in $3.8 million over the last two weeks of the campaign.

Pre-election finance reports were due to be filed with the Federal Election Commission this week.

“During the first two weeks of October, we outraised incumbent Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith 45 to 1. No, that is not a typo,” Espy tweeted Friday.  “#TeamEspy raised more than $3.8 million. She only raised $84,000.”

Barrett clears procedural vote in U.S. Senate ahead of confirmation vote

YP – Wicker Welcomes Plan to Expand Navy

Earlier this month, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced a plan to equip the U.S. Navy with the ships we need to stay competitive with China and other adversaries. As a longtime advocate for a bigger Navy, I was delighted with the goals he outlined. His proposal calls for 500 manned and unmanned ships by the year 2045. This goal builds on the progress we have made since Congress passed my legislation in 2017 requiring 355 ships as soon as practicable. The Navy’s newest ships will carry improved missile and sensor technology, cost less to build and maintain, and require fewer sailors to operate.

Most encouragingly, Secretary Esper began a department-wide effort to find savings to put toward these ships. He is asking Congress for as much as an 18 percent boost to the Navy’s shipbuilding budget. This would bring spending on ships to a level not seen since President Ronald Reagan. I wholeheartedly welcome this funding goal, but the details of how the money is spent will be critical. I look forward to working with the Navy to ensure we purchase the right combination of ships, including those built in Mississippi.

WLOX – Jeepers and boaters for President Trump rally ahead of Election Day

Jeepers and boaters for President Trump rally ahead of Election Day

Fresh off of the final presidential debate of 2020, two groups supporting President Donald Trump gathered for a rally in South Mississippi.

“God bless American and God bless Donald J. Trump,” Chris Saxon said. “All the patriots out here, the Jeeps, the flags, the shirts.”

Both the jeepers and the boaters for President Trump held parades, with a crowd of vessels in the water and nearly 600 vehicles driving down Highway 90.

WLOX – Countdown to Election Day with Frank Corder from Y’all Politics

Countdown to Election Day with Frank Corder from Y'all Politics

We’re counting down to the November 3rd general election. Here with his insight is Y’all Politics Managing Editor Frank Corder.

Watch the full interview here.

WJTV – One-on-one with U.S. Senate candidate Mike Espy

MBJ – BILL CRAWFORD: Medical marijuana Initiative 65 all about money, not medicine

Will Mississippians fall for the medical marijuana scam to be voted on next week?

“Initiative 65 is an attempt by a $14 billion industry to scam Mississippians,” conservative Republican state Rep. Randy Boyd of Mantachie wrote in the Lee County Courier.
“If you liked BIG TOBACCO, you are going to love BIG MARIJUANA,” former Gov. Phil Bryant wrote in September. “It’s the same scheme – just decades later.”
Actually it’s worse. After its products led to millions contracting lung disease and nicotine addiction, Big Tobacco had to pay billions of dollars in fines and settlements. The medical marijuana scheme is worse because it gives the industry an extraordinary free pass.