The Hinds County Election Commission (HCEC) has been made aware of phone calls being made to residents claiming FALSE changes to voting precincts. These are NOT authorized by the HCEC.

The HCEC is aware of FALSE phone calls informing voters of at least two precincts:

Precinct 83- New Hope Missionary Baptist

Precinct 46- Christ United Methodist Church

It is the position of the HCEC that an effort is being made to thwart the vote of at least two of the county’s “big-box” precincts.  Voters should be aware that the HCEC will NOT contact voters through phone calls or texts. For the purposes of the November 3rd election, the HCEC is communicating to voters via reputable mass media ie: TV, RADIO and PRINT media outlets.

The HCEC has communicated and authorizes the follow changes to voting precincts ONLY:

District 1 – James A. Reed

Precinct 45 – St. Phillips Episcopal Church (OLD)

McLeod Elementary School (NEW)

1616 Sandalwood Place

Jackson, Mississippi 39211

District 2 – Toni Johnson

Precinct ED – Edwards Library (OLD)

Edwards Community Center (NEW)

108 Mount Moriah Road

Edwards, Mississippi

Precinct – PN – Federation Towers (OLD)

Sumner Hill Jr. High School (NEW)

400 W Northside Drive

Clinton, MS 39056

District 3 – Renee Shakespeare

Precinct 54 – Hardy Middle School (Non-COVID-19) (OLD)

JPS Career Development Center (NEW)

2703 1st Avenue

Jackson, Mississippi

Precinct 26 – True Worship Ministry (OLD)

Fire Station #15 (NEW)

4943 Clinton Blvd.

Jackson, Mississippi 39209

District 5 – Connie Little

Precinct 49 – Jackson State University Student Center (OLD)

Jackson State University Athletic and Assembly Center (NEW)

1400 J. R. Lynch Street

Jackson, Mississippi


If voters are unsure of their voting precinct or changes to voting locations, they should contact their election commissioner or contact the Hinds County Election Commission Office.
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