N2 America, a national group founded in part by Mississippians, says it is committed to promoting and supporting center-right policies and ideas that better the lives of suburban Americans.

Their mission is to engage and educate suburban Americans through creative content that highlights conservative ideas and the achievements of a conservative agenda.  They serve as a research hub to test and distribute survey research on policies important to the suburbs through convening policy makers and experts to form and discuss suburban-focused policy initiatives.

The topics the group is focused on are key quality of life issues that have traditionally been used by left-leaning candidates and causes to help drive Democrat voters. Those issues include healthcare, education, energy, and family leave.

Co-founders Marie Thomas Sanderson, a Mississippian, and Generra Peck joined Y’all Politics to discuss this new project, the implications it can have on conservative policy making and future elections, and what focusing on these issues means for the conservative movement beyond Election Day 2020.

Watch the full interview below and then visit their website here to learn more.