Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann announced several new Committee Chairs today.  The resignations of Senators Sally Doty and Gary Jackson, plus the addition of two newly-elected Senators, Jason Barrett and Bart Williams, prompted the new assignments.

“The Legislature has the significant responsibility of helping lead the state through recovering from the pandemic, in addition to addressing all of the State’s other needs in education, economic issues, healthcare, transportation, and others,” Hosemann said. “We wanted to make sure our Senators knew of any Committee changes well before the start of the 2021 Session so they can begin attending hearings and preparing for next year.”

The updated Committee Chairs are as follows:

Accountability, Efficiency, and Transparency 

John A. Polk, Chairman

Angela Burks Hill, Vice-Chairwoman


Chuck Younger, Chairman

Tyler McCaughn, Vice-Chairman


  1. Briggs Hopson III, Chairman

John A. Polk, Vice-Chairman

Business and Financial Institutions

Chris Caughman, Chairman

Chad McMahan, Vice-Chairman



Chris Johnson, Chairman

Derrick T. Simmons, Vice-Chairman


Juan Barnett, Chairman

Daniel Sparks, Vice-Chairman


County Affairs                                                                     

Angela Burks Hill, Chairwoman

Neil S. Whaley, Vice-Chairman

Drug Policy

David Jordan, Chairman

Melanie Sojourner, Vice-Chairwoman


Economic and Workforce Development                            

David Parker, Chairman

Chuck Younger, Vice-Chairman


Dennis DeBar Jr., Chairman

David Blount, Vice-Chairman



Jeff Tate, Chairman

Hob Bryan, Vice-Chairman


Joel R. Carter Jr., Chairman

Rita Potts Parks, Vice-Chairwoman


Enrolled Bills                                                                                 

Tammy Witherspoon, Chairwoman                                                  

Robert L. Jackson, Vice-Chairman

Environmental Protection, Conservation, and Water Resources

Chris McDaniel, Chairman

Chris Caughman, Vice-Chairman



Albert Butler, Chairman

Chris McDaniel, Vice-Chairman

Executive Contingent Fund

Robert L. Jackson, Chairman

Juan Barnett, Vice-Chairman



Josh Harkins, Chairman

Chris Johnson, Vice-Chairman


Sampson Jackson II, Chairman

Joseph M. Seymour, Vice-Chairman



David Blount, Chairman

Philip Moran, Vice-Chairman

Highways and Transportation

Jenifer B. Branning, Chairwoman

Barbara Blackmon, Vice-Chairwoman



Barbara Blackmon, Chairwoman

Tammy Witherspoon, Vice-Chairwoman


  1. Walter Michel, Chairman

Mike McLendon, Vice-Chairman


Interstate and Federal Cooperation                                  

Hillman Terome Frazier, Chairman

Joseph Thomas, Vice-Chairman

Investigate State Offices

Mike Thompson, Chairman

Sarita Simmons, Vice-Chairwoman


Judiciary, Division A                                                          

Brice Wiggins, Chairman

Jenifer B. Branning, Vice-Chairwoman

Judiciary, Division B

Joey Fillingane, Chairman

Jeremy England, Vice-Chairman



John Horhn, Chairman

Hillman Terome Frazier, Vice-Chairman

Local and Private                                                                 

Chad McMahan, Chairman

Dean Kirby, Vice-Chairman



Kevin Blackwell, Chairman

Joey Fillingane, Vice-Chairman



Derrick T. Simmons, Chairman

Jason Barrett, Vice-Chairman


Ports and Marine Resources

Philip Moran, Chairman

Mike Thompson, Vice-Chairman


Public Health and Welfare                                                

Hob Bryan, Chairman

David Parker, Vice-Chairman


Public Property

Angela Turner-Ford, Chairwoman

Albert Butler, Vice-Chairman



Dean Kirby, Chairman

  1. Walter Michel, Vice-Chairman

State Library

Sollie B. Norwood, Chairman

Kathy Chism, Vice-Chairwoman



Scott DeLano, Chairman

Bart Williams, Vice-Chairman



Lydia Graves Chassaniol, Chairwoman

John Horhn, Vice-Chairman


Universities and Colleges                                                    

Rita Potts Parks, Chairwoman

Nicole Akins Boyd, Vice-Chairwoman

Veterans and Military Affairs

Joseph M. Seymour, Chairman

Scott DeLano, Vice-Chairman

Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks

Neil S. Whaley, Chairman

Ben Suber, Vice-Chairman

An updated list of Committee members will be posted on the Legislature’s website, For more information on Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann, visit

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