The central Mississippi race between Supreme Court Justice Kenny Griffis and Judge Latrice Westbrooks has yet to be called two days after the General Election. The large number of absentees ballots are what appears to be holding up either campaign from declaring victory.

Griffis’ campaign released the following statement via email Thursday morning updating supporters on where the count stands, from their perspective:

“We are very pleased to report that on election day, Justice Kenny Griffis received 52% of the vote, with a winning margin of 13,467 votes. Since election day, you may have seen news showing 100% of the votes being reported but that does not include absentee ballots that are currently being counted. Like all other states, Mississippi had a high number of absentee ballots cast in this election.
“Based on the counties still tallying absentee ballots—and the percentage of the votes Kenny Griffis received on Tuesday in each of those counties—we are very optimistic that the final results will not change the overall percentage of the total vote that Kenny received on election day.
“Specifically, in terms of how many absentee ballots are yet to be counted, there are approximately 17,000 in Rankin county, 18,000 in Hinds county, 8000 in Madison county and 4000 in Warren county. To put that in perspective and to give the most logical, reasonable projection possible based on how each of those counties voted on election day, on Tuesday Kenny Griffis received 75% of the vote in Rankin county, 31% of the vote in Hinds county, 61% in Madison county and 56% in Warren county.
“We are also encouraged that Lauderdale county has just finished counting all of their absentee ballots this morning and the percentage each candidate received was virtually unchanged—and Kenny Griffis even picked up an additional 681 vote margin in that county.
“Based on the information above, we are very optimistic about the final outcome of the election being a victory for Justice Kenny Griffis. Election officials across the state are working hard to tally all of the absentee ballots as soon as possible and we are asking for everyone’s patience as they continue to count these ballots.”

Westbrooks’ campaign also released a statement Thursday morning via Facebook:

“Day 2 into our count resumes this morning at 8:00 a.m. with counting of the absentee ballots for several counties—including Rankin and Hinds County. Still with no official results, we ask for your continued prayers and support of our team as they continue the work and review of these and other absentee ballots from counties within our Central District One.
“We appreciate your calls and interests while we’re eagerly pursuing the integrity of the process. We will update you twice daily until this process is exhausted and the race is certified with a winner for the Central District One for the Mississippi Supreme Court.”
Y’all Politics will update the results on this race as they become available.