Where things stand with the Presidency

Wisconsin and Michigan have now been called for Joe Biden. President Donald Trump still holds narrow leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. The races in Nevada and Arizona have tightened, Biden leading both.

The Trump campaign is seeking a recount in Wisconsin and considering legal action in other states still counting votes.  The Biden campaign, in the meantime, is acting as if they have won, moving to setting up a transition team.

The map above is from the AP as of Thursday morning.

YP – 2020 election proves the goodness of Mississippi

Mississippi voters overwhelmingly rejected the manufactured media narrative that this state and America are systemically racist by soundly defeating Democrat Mike Espy, ending a Jim Crow era state constitutional provision, and endorsing a new Mississippi state flag.

That is the headline from Mississippi for Election 2020, but you will not hear that from the national mainstream media or from their sycophantic counterparts in the Mississippi media who claim to be “non-partisan,” yet fawningly craft narratives that remain utterly disconnected from the vast majority of Mississippi voters…

…Tuesday proved Mississippians have moved forward and it is a new Mississippi.  The racial stereotypes of the past have been defeated by a wide margin.  Mississippi is now reaching forward into the future with hope in conservative policies that lift every Mississippian and every American regardless of race, gender, or political party.

Griffis, Westbrooks Supreme Court race still undecided

YP – Mississippi passes new flag design, medical marijuana program and goes red for Trump

Election night 2020 was a big one for the state of Mississippi. Record or near record amounts of voters are expected to be reported from the Secretary of State’s office, and the passage of multiple ballot initiatives made for a unique year.

In 2021, Mississippi will see a medical marijuana program administered by the Department of Health, an official new state flag, a new way to elect statewide officials and Congressional incumbents returning to office across the board.

Mississippi voted Republican in the Presidential race, with their electoral votes going to President Donald Trump. In 2016, Trump took 57 percent of the vote over Hilary Clinton.  Though the count for 2020 is not quite complete, this year Trump will likely wind up with at or near 60 percent of the vote leaving Biden at or near 40 percent.

Hyde-Smith thanks Mississippi

YP – Mississippi to fly new state colors after voters adopt “In God We Trust” flag

On November 3rd, Mississippians went to the polls to vote in the 2020 General Election. On the ballot was a new design for the state flag of Mississippi. The design won with over 70 percent of the vote across the state.

“Mississippi voters sent a message to the world that we are moving forward together,” said Judge Reuben Anderson, chair of the Commission to Redesign the Mississippi State Flag. “I have a renewed sense of hope for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and I know this new symbol creates better prospects for the entire state of Mississippi. I am grateful to the commissioners for their leadership and to the voters for their support.”

Congressman Thompson calls the President a “wannabe dictator cheeto”

YP – MS Economy Received $15 Million Boost from Unclaimed Property Returns, Reports State Treasurer

State Treasurer David McRae today announced his office has infused more than $15 million into Mississippi’s economy through unclaimed property returns since January.

“We know every penny matters to Mississippi families right now, so there has rarely been a more important time to return unclaimed property to its rightful owner,” said McRae. “This is not the state’s money, and it doesn’t come out of taxpayer pockets. Unclaimed property is your money. It is simply your State Treasury’s responsibility to find who it should be returned to and help you claim it. I am thrilled to have infused $15 million into Mississippi’s economy so far, but I’m calling on every Mississippian to help us return even more. Please visit Treasury.MS.gov to search for your name, a friend’s name, even a church or business’ name. If you find money that you believe belongs to you, claim it and we’ll get to work returning it.”

MSDH COVID-19 report

WLOX – Lawsuit challenging state voting law likely to be dropped, following passage of Resolution 47

Lawsuit challenging state voting law likely to be dropped, following passage of Resolution 47

A lawsuit challenging Jim Crow era rules for electing statewide officials could soon be dismissed, after Mississippi voters overwhelmingly approved Resolution 47, a ballot measure doing away with them.

“This should resolve the issues in the lawsuit,” said Beth Orlansky, counsel with the Mississippi Center for Justice. “Basically, this is what we asked for.”

The center for justice, along with four African American leaders from the state, filed suit in U.S. District Court last year to challenge the rule, a two-step process that was designed to disenfranchise Black voters enshrined in Mississippi’s 1890 state constitution.