Today, Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church and Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Reverend Raphael Warnock issued a call to action to Georgians concerned about the threat to health care coverage for pre-existing conditions, who support Medicaid expansion and want to prevent rural hospital closures: register to vote and request your absentee ballot today.

Flanked by labor leaders, Reverend Warnock outlined the urgency to protect and expand access to quality affordable health care as politicians like Senator Kelly Loeffler push the lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act and protections for pre-existing conditions coverage as well as Medicaid expansion. That lawsuit was heard before the Supreme Court earlier this week, and Senator Loeffler voted just last month in support of it moving forward.

“If you want to protect your health care, you must make your voice heard at the ballot box. Your vote is your voice. Your voice is your human dignity,” said Warnock. “As the next Senator of Georgia, I will continue to fight to give our working families the affordable, reliable care they deserve. To ensure our state’s seniors and veterans will pay less, not more, for essential medication.”

Reverend Warnock’s call to action focused on upcoming runoff deadlines for Georgians: the voter registration deadline is less than a month on December 7, and early voting will begin in just over a month on December 14. Georgians can apply today for an absentee ballot.


Release from Warnock for Georgia.