Black Lives Matter Mississippi is planning to protest state Senator Chris McDaniel today in Gulfport as he speaks to the Harrison County Republican Club.

McDaniel says he will be discussing President Donald Trump and the future of conservatism.

On the group’s Facebook page, McDaniel has become a frequent target for Black Lives Matter Mississippi.  A recent post shared 140 times said that McDaniel “has been saying extremely racist things for year’s now,” adding that he has aspirations for a statewide seat and, “It’s time we hold him accountable.”

McDaniel, not one to shy away from such attacks, shared the BLM protest flyer above on his Facebook page, saying, “Looks like Antifa and BLM both have a problem with me speaking in Gulfport tomorrow. Despite their protests, I will be speaking at lunch at the great Southern Club. Please come join us!”

That post by McDaniel was shared over 600 times.

In another post, BLM uses McDaniel’s joining Parler to attempt to tie him to white supremacy.

“This is ‘state’ senator Chris McDaniel,” the BLM Facebook post says. “He’s been promoting his Parler aggressively and doesn’t hide his white supremacy political leanings.. Look up Goldwaters Operation Dixie. He represents the Jones county area. We will hold him accountable.”

In a video, BLM says the white supremacists “are at it again… we know what kind of racist Chris McDaniel is.” The speaker goes on to say they protested against Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, adding, “We do not accept Cindy Hyde-Smith at all.”

BLM has also targeted Governor Tate Reeves’ executive budget recommendation, namely the ‘Patriotic Education Fund’ and his support of adding funds to support police officers.

The BLM speaker calls Reeves “a piece of crap,” and says of this budget recommendations that they are “a 1984 facist, racist, whitewashing, historic revisionist type of bullshit that is going on.”

Her video has been shared over 250 times.