Wednesday, Congressman Trent Kelly joined Y’all Politics to discuss his recent reelection and U.S. House politics.

Kelly thanked the people of Mississippi’s 1st District for his reelection to Congress on November 3rd. He said one of the main difficulties they faced while campaigning was determining how to interact with constituents.

“I think we did a great bit of both. We met with people in person when we could safely. We wore masks and social distanced. We also did a lot of virtual events,” said Kelly. “It kind of went as government should be, the constituents decided which way they wanted to hear from us.”

Kelly said he plans to continue his efforts at seeing the Defense Bill passed through Congress. He said it is one of the few bipartisan efforts still left on the agenda for the year, and House and Senate members are in conference over the legislation.

He also he hopes to focus on the integrity of elections.

“Making sure that every lawful, legal vote is counted. Making sure everything is transparent and we aren’t hiding things. I think it’s so important to have confidence in the electoral system of the United States,” said Kelly.

When it comes to the contesting of votes in key states for this year’s presidential election, Kelly said he found it interesting how much power the media was giving themselves in calling the race and asking President Donald Trump to concede.

Kelly said at this time, very few states have actually certified the election and called the winner.

“The press does not run our election. The people and the state run the election,” said Kelly.

With numbers of COVID-19 cases rising across the U.S. and especially in states like Mississippi, Kelly said the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is to blame for a lack of support. He said she is currently blocking efforts to help the American people for the sake of her own reelection.

He said that Congress is ready to get a package together and passed in a safe and secure manner.

In reference to a potential nationwide lockdown or mask mandate, Kelly added that members in Washington should not be infringing on individual rights either. He said politicians do not have the authority to decide what people can and cannot do when it comes to civil liberties.

“I don’t think a lockdown is a solution. We have to maintain individual liberties and rights,” said Kelly. “I trust the American people to take care of their fellow man.”

A vaccine for the virus is expected to begin distribution by January. Kelly said, as many other officials have, that it would first be made available to first responders and those at high risk, and would likely be available to the public by the spring.