Georgia Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler joined Fox News’ America’s Newsroom Wednesday to slam radical liberal Raphael Warnock for his record of antiAmericananti-policeanti-military rhetoric as Warnock’s Democrat colleague and fellow U.S. Senate candidate Jon Ossoff called Warnock a “moral leader for our state and for our country.”

Ossoff is running against the other Georgia Republican Senator, David Perdue.

Warnock referred to Ossoff as his “brother from another mother.”

Perdue’s campaign was critical of the two exchange of pleasantries, saying Ossoff did not use the opportunity to comment on any of the numerous growing scandals surrounding his running mate.

“Just this week, reports have emerged that Warnock hosted Fidel Castro at a church where he worked for an event described as a “lovefest,” was accused of hindering an investigation into child abuse at a church-run camp in Baltimore, called on Trump supporters to “repent” for their political beliefs, stated he was “sick and tired” of people attacking socialism, was caught on video giving a full-throated defense of Marxism, and compared the State of Israel to Apartheid South Africa,” Perdue’s camp said in a release.  “Is this the kind of person Ossoff considers to be a ‘moral leader for our state and for our country?'”

Koeffler, too, went on the offensive against the Democrat opponents on Fox News, saying, “Well, obviously everything is on the line. We’re the firewall against socialism in this country… This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats right now. This is about the American dream or socialism. That’s what is at stake.”

Watch Loeffler’s interview below.