Governor Reeves posts SCOTUS NY worship ruling

Reeves wrote on Facebook Monday: “With all the things we can be thankful for in this season, I am especially grateful for our God-given religious liberty. That right was upheld by the United States Supreme Court last week—blocking the New York restriction on worship gatherings. Throughout this pandemic, Mississippi has never restricted religious gathering and worship. We made that clear in our court filings. God is bigger than government. The right to freely practice your faith must never be infringed.

Reeves visits Lucedale to assess Zeta damage

YP – Commissioner Brandon Presley talks PSC, Election 2020, and where MS Democrats go from here

Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley joined Y’all Politics for an update on the happenings at the commission, namely as it relates to broadband expansion and combatting telemarketers.

Presley, one of only three Democrats elected to state/regional offices in Mississippi, also offered his take on the recent Election and discussed where the Mississippi Democratic Party goes from here.

MSDH daily COVID-19 report

YP – Wicker Welcomes News of COVID-19 Vaccines

Americans received uplifting news recently in our fight against the coronavirus. Two American drug companies, Pfizer and Moderna, announced that their newly developed COVID-19 vaccines were highly successful in late clinical trials and are safe for use. Pfizer’s vaccine was 95 percent effective in producing immunity against the virus, and Moderna’s vaccine posted a similar success rate of 94.5 percent. These results are the clearest signs yet that Congress’s multi-billion dollar investment in vaccines this year is paying off. Americans can be encouraged that victory against this virus may finally be on the horizon…

…These COVID-19 vaccines are a triumph of American ingenuity and scientific genius. They are a testament to what our nation can accomplish when we work together to meet an urgent need. But even as we celebrate, we cannot let our guard down. In recent weeks we have seen a spike in coronavirus cases, with deaths and hospitalizations reaching new highs. Until the vaccines are approved and widely distributed to the general public, we all need to keep taking health precautions to slow the spread of the virus – wearing masks, standing six feet apart, and washing hands frequently. Taking these steps, even with the end in sight, can save lives.

U.S. Senate considers confirmation of McNeel

WDAM – Runoff for Jones Co. Justice Court judge still undecided

Runoff for Jones Co. Justice Court judge still undecided

No winner has been declared in the runoff for Jones County Justice Court judge for District 2.

The Jones County seat will not be announced until all votes are counted.

Sonny Saul held a four-vote lead over Noel A. Rogers after the Nov. 24 runoff with around 10 mail-in absentee ballots that had not been returned to the Jones County Circuit Clerk’s office.

If the mail-in absentee ballots were postmarked by Nov. 24, they can be received by the circuit clerk’s office for up to five business days after the runoff, making 5 p.m. Thursday the deadline, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

Congressman Thompson wants your thoughts on canceling student loans

WTVA – Free internet in one local town

WLOX – Ammunition shortages hit South Mississippi gun shopsAmmunition shortages hit South Mississippi gun shops

Shortages in ammunition plague gun shops across the nation. In South Mississippi, the situation is no different.

Gun shops from Waveland to Pascagoula are running low on ammo. From Browning to Winchester to Federal to Blazer, ammunition is a hot commodity.

“We do have a lot of ammo in stock, but we are out of a lot of ammo,” said Dad’s Super Pawn owner Kevin Riley.

WJTV – Summit councilwoman faces charges after shots fired outside McComb Walmart