Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) announced that he has cosponsored legislation to protect our elections from irregularities.

A shift to a Universal Vote by Mail System by many states has presented new possibilities for problems to occur in the voting process, such as those we saw in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. H.R. 8072, the Integrity of Our Elections Act, would help ensure that only U.S. citizens who are eligible to vote receive a mail ballot for a federal election.

Specifically, the bill would require each chief state election official to certify that recipients of mail-in or absentee ballots are living and are U.S. citizens who are eligible to vote.

“The foundation of any democracy is the trust that the people place in the process of the election,” Guest said. “Since our country’s founding, most voting has taken place at the polls. However, the 2020 election introduced America to an entirely new election process that relied on mail-in voting, a process that presents many potential pitfalls that we don’t yet fully understand. We must set up provisions that protect our elections from natural human error, from the unknown risks of a new style of voting, and, most importantly, from those who desire to intentionally undermine our elections. This bill is a strong first step towards addressing those concerns.”

H.R. 8072 was introduced by Congressman Jason Smith (R-MO).


Release from Congressman Michael Guest.