Attorney General Lynn Fitch

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch announced Wednesday that she is adding Mississippi to the growing list of states joining in Texas’ lawsuit challenging the Presidential election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Fitch said in a statement:

“The integrity of our elections is paramount to our Republic. The people of Mississippi must have confidence that their votes are not diminished by fraud.

“Since taking office earlier this year, I have gone to court to defend the integrity of our own elections against outside groups seeking to use the pandemic as an excuse to re-write the laws passed by our duly elected legislators. I have also joined my colleagues from other states to defend the fundamental principle that courts do not write election laws; they interpret them. When courts seek to do otherwise, they violate the separation of powers that is critical to our democracy.

“And, today, I have joined my colleagues in supporting Texas’ efforts to ensure that our elections are free and fair. Voter fraud elsewhere dilutes the votes of Mississippians and it makes a mockery of the very foundation of our government. I am proud to defend the votes of the people of Mississippi and will continue to fight for their rights.”

The U.S. Supreme Court has given the 4 states until Thursday afternoon, December 10, 2020, to respond to the Texas filing.

You can read the full filing by Texas here.



Mississippi’s 4th District Congressman Steven Palazzo tweeted his support of AG Fitch’s actions, saying in the tweet:

“I am pleased to see Mississippi is backing Texas in the lawsuit to protect the integrity of our elections. The President’s team is working on ensuring every vote cast was done so legally and that signatures on ballots are authenticated. I am proud to support these efforts.”