Thursday, as we reported this morning, Mississippi Republican Congressmen Trent Kelly (MS-01) and Michael Guest (MS-03) joined 106 Members of Congress in an amicus brief in support of the plaintiff in the case of State of Texas v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State of Georgia, State of Michigan, and State of Wisconsin.

Mississippi’s other Republican Congressman, Steven Palazzo (MS-04), was not originally listed among the House members due to a clerical error but has indeed signed on to the amicus brief as well. Twenty other Congressmen were also not listed but now the total number stands at 126 members who have signed on to this action.

“Americans deserve assurances that we can trust our democratic process and that the 2020 presidential election was secure and free of corruption,” Palazzo said in a statement.  “This amicus brief is about affirming our deep concerns with the integrity of our election system. Honest and transparent elections are the bedrock of our American democracy.”

Filed by Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04) on Thursday, the initial amicus brief has since been amended to account for the clerical error that left off several original cosigners, including Palazzo.

The amicus brief supports the position of the plaintiff that government officials in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin (Defendant states) acted in clear violation of Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States to revise certain processes in their respective states for the appointment of Presidential electors for the 2020 Presidential election and requests that the Supreme Court of the United States carefully review these concerns.