YP – Former Mississippi Governor William Winter dies at age 97

William Winter, Mississippi’s 58th Governor, has passed away at age 97.

Governor William Winter’s legacy in Mississippi will forever be tied to positive outcomes on racial reconciliation and educational advancement.

Born in 1923 in Grenada, he grew up in a family that highly valued education.  His mother, a teacher, taught him in a one-room school through the second grade.  He then attended and graduated from Grenada High School.  After his graduation from Ole Miss in 1943, he served three years in the infantry in World War II emerging as a captain.

YP – Former Representative Ray Rogers dies at 89

Long time Representative for House District 61, Ray Rogers, passes away at the age of 89. Rogers represented the district, which serves Rankin County, from 1983 until 2020, he did not run for re-election in 2019.

Rogers was a Republican member of the Legislature and former Vice Chair of the Ways and Means committee. He also served on the Banking and Financial Services, Investigate State Offices, Management, Military Affairs and PEER committees.

YP – Thirty MS House Republicans Call for Investigation into Election Fraud

Thirty (30) elected offcials from the State of Mississippi have written a letter to the Mississippi federal delegation asking them to support Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks’ request for a thorough investigation into the widespread voter fraud in a number of swing states pertaining to the 2020 Presidential election…

…The House Republicans say in the letter that fair elections are pivotal to the survival of the American republic, adding, “The election fraud is widespread, and the fraud and irregularities are numerous.”

The group wants Sen. Roger Wicker, Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, Congressman Trent Kelly, Congressman Michael Guest and Congressman Steven Palazzo to support Brooks’ call for a Congressional investigation in support of President Donald Trump.

MSDH daily COVID-19 report

YP – MS Democratic Party Chairman: “I agree with Hillary Clinton that Electoral College should be abolished”

National Democrats have become increasingly more vocal about their want to abolish the Electoral College in favor of a winner-take-all popular vote in U.S. Presidential elections, and now that sentiment is trickling down to their state parties – even in Mississippi.

Earlier this week, the Mississippi Democratic Party retweeted Hillary Clinton after she participated in casting an Electoral College vote in New York for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris…

…“The Mississippi Democratic Party believes that every person’s vote should count,” Chairman Irving sent in a statement.  “In my personal opinion, the utilization of the Electoral College has had a pernicious effect on our democracy by prohibiting, in certain instances, the will of the voters from prevailing.  Therefore, I agree with Hillary Clinton that the Electoral College should be abolished.”

YP – FITCH: Operation Bad Santa: Another successful step toward protecting children online

Over the past year, our lives have changed dramatically.

Our medical professionals, first responders, supply chain workers, small business owners, and so many more have emerged as true heroes among us – emblematic of the strength, resilience, and self-sacrifice that is at the very heart our great Nation.

I truly believe that this pandemic has brought out the best in so many of us, but while the world battled the health and economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, another issue has risen in the shadows.

Online child abuse and exploitation spiked as children began spending even more time online, and they were isolated with their abusers and away from networks of teachers, friends, and other support.

Wicker talks RESTAURANTS Act on FoxNews

YP – Wicker: FCC Award Will Expand High-Speed Internet in Rural Mississippi

Mississippi scored an important victory this month in our effort to connect rural communities to the internet. On December 7, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) announced the results of a competitive auction in which private-sector companies bid for the opportunity to supply broadband to rural communities. Mississippi received an award of $495 million for these efforts – second only to California, the nation’s most populous state. This means one out of every 18 dollars from this auction will go to Mississippi’s broadband deployment efforts.

This investment is a major step forward for our state. The FCC estimates 435,000 Mississippi residents will gain access to reliable, high-speed internet because of this award. Still, the buildout will take time, and some communities may have to wait longer than others. I am taking steps to try to speed up this process as much as possible.

Former Governor Bryant appointed to 1776 Commission by Trump

WLOX – MEMA executive director hospitalized due to COVID-19 complications

MEMA executive director hospitalized due to COVID-19 complications

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency executive director is hospitalized due to COVID-19 complications.

In a Facebook post, officials said executive director Greg Michel is in ‘good spirits’ after revealing he is battling pneumonia.

It was reported that Michel tested positive for the coronavirus on December 9.

WLBT/WLOX – Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians on historic nomination of Congresswoman Deb Haaland for Interior Secretary

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians on historic nomination of Congresswoman Deb Haaland for Interior Secretary

Congresswoman Deb Haaland of New Mexico and a citizen of the Pueblo of Laguna was announced as President-Elect Biden’s nominee for Secretary of the Interior. Haaland’s nomination marks a historic milestone in U.S. history.

She will be the first Native American to lead the U.S. Department of the Interior and hold a Cabinet-level position once confirmed.

“The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians offers our most heartfelt congratulations to Congresswoman Haaland on this historic nomination,” said Tribal Chief Cyrus Ben. “I have had the opportunity to meet Congresswoman Haaland in Washington D.C. and I know with her depth of knowledge, experience and background she will be a fierce advocate for tribal communities and all indigenous people. She will lead with care, passion and a deep understanding of native issues while ensuring Tribal Nations are represented at the highest levels of federal government.