Mississippi Republican Party chairman Frank Bordeaux and party Executive Director Tate Lewis were in Florida over the last few days for the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting.

Bordeaux spoke with Y’all Politics on Friday afternoon following the election of the national executive committee telling us that RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel ran unopposed for a third-term and won unanimously.  Also, co-chair Tommy Hicks won re-election on the first slate.

“There’s no change in the executive committee,” Bordeaux said.  “Everybody was very optimistic about our opportunities in 2022 and wanted to continue to build out the party from a grassroots apparatus that started two years ago, and that was obviously successful in a number of states.”

McDaniel said the party has much work to do to take back the Senate and the House in 2022, but she says, “I am mad and I’m not going to let socialism rule this country.”

“So Democrats,” she said, “get ready, buckle your seatbelts because we’re coming.”

From a Mississippi perspective, Bordeaux said both McDaniel and Hicks are excited to see what is happening in the Magnolia State.

“They will be making trips to visit with us and work with us on data and grassroots and outreach to minority communities,” the MSGOP chair said.

Bordeaux said he is leaving the meeting excited about the future as well.

The events of this week, however, did cloud part of the gathering, having lost both Georgia U.S. Senate seats on Tuesday and then watching the events at the U.S. Capitol transpire on Wednesday.

“Everyone was very upset with outcome in Georgia but I think that we learned a lot from Georgia,” Bordeaux said.  “The main mantra coming out of the election cycle was ballot security and ballot integrity.  The RNC is going to put together a complete apparatus just to focus on ballot integrity, and I think that’s the biggest charge the leadership got out of the members was to put that together.”

Bordeaux said the riot at the Capitol was condemned by all RNC members, with all expressing that those involved should be charged to the fullest extent under the law.