The PEER Committee has released its report titled “Mississippi Department of Corrections’ FY 2020 Cost Per Inmate Day.”

State law requires that the state cost per inmate day be certified biennially by a certified public accountant and that the certified cost be used by the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) as the basis for verifying the 10% savings required of companies contracted by MDOC to operate the state’s private prisons.

For FY 2020, MDOC’s cost per inmate day for a model facility totaled $50.63 based on the security requirements of the facility and MDOC’s medical, food, facility management and maintenance, and administrative costs.

PEER believes MDOC should negotiate private prison contracts to yield savings significantly greater than the 10% required by state law.

You can read the report below:

Mississippi Department of Corrections’ FY 2020 Cost Per Inmate Day by yallpolitics on Scribd


Release from PEER.