In a time when some say free speech is being censored by big tech companies, Representative Becky Currie is hoping to prevent that in Mississippi, with HB 151 the Stop Social Media Censorship Act.

The bill would indicate that the Legislature is opposed to any online censorship unless the content is harmful to children or promotes human trafficking. Only in those instances would the Legislature be able to limit censorship.

The bill reads:

The purpose of this act is to: (a) Level the playing field between consumers and the major social media websites; (b) Encourage the free flow of political and religious ideas and robust debate; (c) Hold major social media websites to a higher standard for having substantially created a digital public square; (d) Deter bad-faith, unfair dealing, fraud, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and the marginalization or oppression of competing worldviews;


(f) Deter the owner or operator of a social media website from engaging in false advertising; and (g) Deter the owner or operator of a social media website from maliciously interfering with local, regional, and national elections.

The bill was referred to the Judiciary A committee. Representatives Calvert and Smith are co-authors on the bill.