On Wednesday, those who tuned into the Inauguration ceremonies at the U.S. Capitol saw the might of the U.S. military on full display.  Tall, barbed wire fences surrounded the Capitol Complex.  Snipers were visible on neighboring buildings.  Troops that had been camped inside the halls of Congress on the marble floors were staged in combat gear near their armored vehicles at various checkpoints stationed throughout Washington D.C.

The scene was more characteristic of a transfer of executive power in a third-world country than the United States of America.

The increased security measures were a result of the conspiratorial zealots that breached U.S. Capitol security earlier this month, setting off calls for a crackdown against white supremacists across the nation.  Democrats rushed to lump in every conservative-minded Republican voter who supported the re-election of President Donald Trump as right-wing nuts, calling for them to be doxed, purged, and essentially labelling over 75 million Americans as enemies of the state.

Last week, the FBI warned of possible armed protests in the days leading up to and on Inauguration Day at all 50 state capitals.  What resulted was the mainstream media’s typical sycophantic pandering that toted the water of the left.

Even here in Mississippi, the House and Senate Democrat leaders made headlines when they joined together appealing to Governor Tate Reeves to send National Guard troops to D.C. in support of protecting the U.S. Capitol.  They used their letter to the Governor to knock him for sending National Guard troops to D.C. at the federal government’s request in June 2020 as the nation’s capital was rocked by violence amidst Black Lives Matter protests and riots.

“We appeal to you to look at this request as you did in June 2020 and realize our Senators and Representatives, their staff, our President and Vice President, and our fellow citizens need our support and protection on Capitol Hill,” Rep. Robert Johnson and Sen. Derrick Simmons wrote.

The two lawmakers went farther, asking the Mississippi Governor to “acknowledge and attend to the threat” identified by the FBI, in essence wanting Reeves to call out pro-Trump voters for what they viewed as a right-wing threat.

For their part, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety led by Commissioner Sean Tindell took the FBI warning seriously, as they do with all such memos. However, as Tindell noted in an interview with Y’all Politics, no viable threats existed in Mississippi.

“Even based on that memo and the information we’ve been able to gather through intelligence, we’re not seeing any viable threats on our state Capitol,” said Tindell. “There might be chatter of folks that want to come and protest, and I served six years in state Legislature and there wasn’t a year that went by that we didn’t have somebody up there protesting.”

What resulted of all of this media-driven hype, apart from a few banner wavers and some picketers over the last few days, was a giant nothingburger in all 50 states.  In fact, there was more left-wing rioters still at work in various cities than what were right-wing demonstrators.

These non-events allowed the media and Democrats to ramp up the narrative against Republicans as unhinged extremists.

The backdrop to all of this, of course, has happened as cities like Portland, Seattle, D.C., Minneapolis and Atlanta have burned with billions in property damage under the left’s watchful eye since last summer out of a rush to judgement and divisive racial politics, while Democrats like Vice President Kamala Harris and Mississippi U.S. Senate candidate Mike Espy fundraised to bailout the criminals, consistently pointing out the twig in the right’s eye while missing the plank in their own.

Thankfully, no Republican officials have stepped forward to bailout the U.S. Capitol rioters, nor should they.  Those lawbreakers should get what they deserve no matter which side of the aisle they land on.   Every Republican leader has condemned the violence, in the same manner as they did when the Democrats were stoking and excusing it throughout the 2020 election cycle.

One thing is for sure – America is drowning in an ocean of media-sanctioned hypocrisy, weighed down by the obsession the left has with identity politics and virtue signaling.