A bill authored in the House would prevent any city or county from prohibiting or restricting the concealed carry of a firearm by an individual.

HB 634 protects citizens’ rights to carry a firearm. Mississippi law already states that any person who is eligible to legally carry a firearm may also carry concealed without a license or a permit. The state also recognizes any valid out-of-state carry permit.

A Mississippi resident can, however, obtain an enhanced concealed carry or E-SFP permit. This allows for them to carry in a larger variety of locations that are normally restricted. This permit requires a training course and certification by the Department of Public Safety.

The bill reads: 

No state agency may adopt a posted written notice, rule, regulation, order or policy or enter into any contract or rental agreement that restricts the possession, carrying, transportation, sale, transfer or ownership of firearms or ammunition or their components. (c) No state agency or their officers or employees may participate in any program in which individuals are given a thing of value provided by another individual or other entity in exchange for surrendering a firearm to the state agency or other governmental body.

The bill also gives an individual the ability to file suit with any state agency where their policy violates the language in the bill.

The measure was referred to Judiciary B before moving to the House floor, where it passed by a vote of 79 to 49. It was then held on a motion to reconsider.