The Mississippi House of Representatives has passed a bill that would require governors to disclose who and how much is spent on inaugurations. This would also work retroactively for current Governor Tate Reeves.

HB 1019, authored by House Chairman of Ways and Means Rep. Trey Lamar (R), would require that shortly after election the Governor-elect shall form an inaugural committee and a separate inaugural fund. A treasurer is then to be appointed to oversee any contributions or expenditures in preparation for the gubernatorial inauguration.

The rules would be similar to those of campaign funds as it pertains to the reporting required for who contributes and how much it donated. Currently, there is no requirement to disclose this information to the public.

Read the bill: 

As soon as possible after the certification of the election results for governor, the governor-elect shall form an inaugural committee, appoint an inaugural treasurer and create a separate inaugural fund for receiving any contribution or making any expenditure for a gubernatorial inauguration. Before receiving any contribution to or making any expenditure from the inaugural fund, the governor-elect shall appoint an inaugural treasurer, who shall manage the inaugural funds of the inaugural committee. The governor-elect shall report the name and address of the inaugural treasurer to the Secretary of State not later than two (2) days after he or she makes the appointment. No contributions to the inaugural fund shall be made until after the governor-elect has reported the inaugural treasurer’s name to the Secretary of State.

While Governor Reeves has already been inaugurated, the bill would apply retroactively to him. He would be required to release the funds raised from ‘For All Mississippians,’ his inaugural fund which is no longer in operation.