YP – COVID-19 hospitalizations down 52% in last 5 weeks in Mississippi

Since January 4, the Mississippi Department of Health is reporting that the number of COVID patients in Mississippi hospitals has dropped dramatically.

From a high of 1,444 to today’s number of 690, total hospitalizations of COVID patients in the state has decreased by over 52% in the last 5 weeks.

That trend is not isolated. COVID patients in ICU beds has been reduced by 46% in that similar period. Patients on ventilators has declined by 45% from recent highs.

MSDH daily COVID-19 reporting

YP – Senate passes bill to increase TANF benefits for Mississippians

On Tuesday the Mississippi Senate passed SB 2759 which would increase the monthly benefits that individuals on the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program by $90.

Author of the bill, Sen. Joey Fillingane said the legislation came straight from the Director’s office of the Department of Human Services.

YP – Bill of the Day: Prohibit cities and counties from restricting concealed carry

A bill authored in the House would prevent any city or county from prohibiting or restricting the concealed carry of a firearm by an individual.

HB 634 protects citizens’ rights to carry a firearm. Mississippi law already states that any person who is eligible to legally carry a firearm may also carry concealed without a license or a permit. The state also recognizes any valid out-of-state carry permit.

A Mississippi resident can, however, obtain an enhanced concealed carry or E-SFP permit. This allows for them to carry in a larger variety of locations that are normally restricted. This permit requires a training course and certification by the Department of Public Safety.

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YP – Sen. Hyde-Smith joins Y’all Politics to talk Impeachment, COVID relief, Yazoo pumps

Mississippi U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith joined Y’all Politics on Wednesday morning to discuss the ongoing second #ImpeachmentTrial of former President #DonaldTrump as well as give us the latest on the #COVID relief package put forward by President Joe Biden’s Administration.

Hyde-Smith also spoke on the progress made on the Yazoo Pumps as groups on the left line up to challenge the project.

YP – Hyde-Smith, colleagues to reintroduce the Protect Act

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) today joined Senator Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) and others to announce their intent to reintroduce this week their legislation to protect health coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions.

The Protect Act would protect Americans with pre-existing conditions and ensure they cannot be denied health care coverage or be charged more because of a pre-existing condition.

“Tens of thousands of Mississippians suffer from pre-existing conditions and worry about the possibility of being penalized because of their health.  The Protect Act would codify protections that shield them from that threat,” Hyde-Smith said.  “I hope this is an area in which a divided Congress can work together to do what’s right for our constituents.”

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YP – Ag Commissioner announces partnership with Alcorn

WDAM – Sec. of State Watson speaks to Jones County GOP Women

Sec. of State Watson speaks to Jones County GOP Women

Secretary of State Michael Watson spoke to Jones County Republican Women Wednesday about a number of election-related issues in Mississippi.

Watson addressed a monthly luncheon for the organization at the Laurel Country Club.

He said there needs to be a better way to purge voter rolls in the state and he favors a bill passed in the State Senate Wednesday, which would make that process quicker.

He also said Mississippians should be required to show proof of citizenship before they vote.

“We want to make sure that only United States citizens are voting in Mississippi elections, who are residents in Mississippi,” Watson said. “So this is a thing that we’ve studied for years now. You’ve heard me talk about it on the campaign trail, so it’s not only a promise that we made, but it’s one that we’re keeping. We’re working on actively.”

Watson said he also supports online voter registration in Mississippi.

WDAM – Legislators tackle teacher shortage with loan repayment bill

Legislators tackle teacher shortage with loan repayment bill

Sen. David Blount authored the bill, that if made into law, would be a loan repayment program for future teachers.

“The bill says if you graduate from college and go teach in a Mississippi public school, at the end of one year we will write a check to your loan provider to reduce the amount of money you owe,” Blount said.

And Blount said how much the state pays off can increase.

“If you teach for a second year we will write a bigger check. If you teacher for a third year we will write a bigger check,” Blount said.