Mississippians are not accustomed to sleet and snow, making the last few days nerve-wracking for some and quite fun for others.

Governor Tate Reeves, the Mississippi Department of Transportation and local law enforcement officials have all issued travel warnings as highways and bridges are iced over and filled with accumulations of snow in various parts of the state.

Mississippi Public Service Commissioners, along with power companies, are asking individuals to limit their electricity consumption as power grids are strained.  Thousands of Mississippians have lost power as a result of the wintry weather.

COVID-19 vaccination stations have been closed north of the Coast and appointments are being rescheduled.

State and local government agencies as well as many school districts have issued closures.

However, amid the challenges such weather brings, Mississippians of all ages have found time to make some memories of these few days that happen all too infrequently in the deep South.

Here are some images from social media of areas around the state.

Mississippi State Capitol

May be an image of outdoors and monument


State Senators playing in the snow


Mississippi State

Starkville and Oxford

Mississippi College


Jackson State

Central Mississippi

Madison County