Representative Ronnie Crudup (D-71), has authored a bill that would authorize the demolition of “slum and blighted properties” that are located within the Capitol Complex Improvement District (CCID).

HB 1246 would allow these demolitions in order to ensure the public health, safety and welfare of the area. The bill sites that these dilapidated areas can often become a nuisance to those who live and work in the area.

The bill reads: 

Demolition and removal of structures, property and debris designated by the Capitol Complex Improvement District Advisory Committee as slum or blight, which constitute a nuisance to public health, safety and welfare.

The bill was originally referred to the Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency Committee in the House where it passed. It later passed on the floor unanimously. It has now been referred to the Senate Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency Committee where it will go through the same process.

The CCID was originally outlined in HB 1226, from 2017. It includes areas spanning across downtown Jackson, JSU, UMMC, Jackson Medical Mall, LeFleurs Bluff, Smith Park, Belhaven University, Milsaps college and more.