Rep. Trey Lamar

The bill in the Mississippi House of Representatives that would have provided for a statewide referendum to determine whether voters favor a temporary gas tax increase to fund specific road and bridge projects across the state has died.

The author of the bill, House Ways and Means Chairman Trey Lamar (R), has not yet said why he chose to let the bill die in his own committee by the deadline.

Voters would have been asked to approve an increase of 10 cents per gallon on the gas tax and 14 cents per gallon for diesel for a period of time whereas such bonds acquired by the state for these infrastructure projects would be paid in full, some 10-15 year period.

The fund would be capped at $2.5 billion, with $2.3 million for the projects detailed in the bill, $100 million for a Municipalities Road and Bridge Fund, and $100 million for the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund.  Lamar told Gallo that those numbers are fluid and could be amended and changed on the floor by House members.

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Earlier this week, Governor Tate Reeves questioned the idea of the $2.5 billion gas tax referendum, saying it was “not good for the taxpayers of this state.”