Photo courtesy of Congressman Michael Guest.

Immigrants overcrowded in facilities, being flown across the U.S.

Mississippi Congressman Michael Guest (MS-3) joined Y’all Politics on Wednesday to talk about his recent visit the U.S. Southern border where there has been a surge of illegal immigrants crossing from Mexico. He and his colleagues on the House Committee on Homeland Security visited an immigrant processing facility, a port of entry, and other immigration-related infrastructure, personnel, and law enforcement.

Guest said the situation at the border is far worse than he initially expected, with the processing facility 2000% overcapacity. He says the surge in illegals crossing the border is directly tied to President Joe Biden’s executive orders and rhetoric.

The Congressman recalled that his colleagues were seeing immigrants who had arrived in the United States just days before on their return flights. One person, who obviously did not speak English, was released with processing orders and a court date appearance written on an envelope in English.

Photo courtesy of Congressman Michael Guest.

That person was using that same envelope (shown above) to navigate their way through the McAllen, Texas airport on their way through Dallas to what appeared to be a final destination of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Guest said the federal government’s release policy under the Biden Administration of moving these persons into the U.S. is troublesome. At least one site in Mississippi is being considered for housing of unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors. That location, Guest says, is located in the Jackson metro area. He has asked federal officials to keep him apprised on if this site in Mississippi does, in fact, make their short list for use.

Watch the full interview below.