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Tornadoes hit Mississippi overnight

YP – Gov. Tate Reeves issues new Executive Orders regarding COVID-19 response

Governor Tate Reeves issued new executive orders related to COVID-19 on Friday that will remove remaining mask restrictions except for those in a school setting through the end of the 2020-2021 year.

Capacity limits on indoor arenas and outdoors venues have been lifted, allowing for sports and event spaces to return to normal.

The order will also allow businesses to implement their own mask mandates and social distancing requirements but will not impose any from the state.

YP – Wicker Opposes Biden’s 100-Day Rush Toward Socialism

About a year ago, when the coronavirus first gripped our nation, House Democratic Whip James Clyburn described the unfolding crisis as “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” Since then, the American people have largely defeated this virus and our economy is bouncing back. But President Biden seems determined not to let this golden opportunity slip away. He is now using the last phase of this “crisis” to justify an extreme push for tax-and-spend policies that could undermine our economic recovery.

In his recent address to Congress, President Biden outlined $4 trillion in new spending proposals that he has falsely described as “infrastructure.” Instead of focusing on normal infrastructure like roads, broadband, and water projects – which Republicans have offered in a separate proposal – the President’s plan is a sweeping attempt to restructure our economy and reorder our lives. His proposals include a 33 percent tax increase on job creators, an expansion of government-run health care, and social programs that seem designed to fulfill the wildest dreams of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. Those who had hoped President Biden would govern as a moderate have once again been left thoroughly disappointed.

Thompson attends Delta Health ribbon cutting

WLOX – Lifted executive order will bring more events to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum

Lifted executive order will bring more events to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum

The first weekend of May featured a busy lineup of events at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, from monster trucks, a home show and a dance competition.

It’s a sight South Mississippians can expect more often after Gov. Tate Reeves lifted all COVID-19 capacity limits for indoor and outdoor events.

“It’s a tremendous boost as far as business coming back,” said Executive Director Matt McDonnell.

The venue hopes more shows, conventions and competitions help recoup their losses during the pandemic.

WDAM – MDOC Corrections Commissioner speaks at local church in Columbia

MDOC Corrections Commissioner speaks at local church in Columbia

The Mississippi Department of Corrections’ Corrections Commissioner Burl Cain spoke at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Columbia Sunday about moral rehabilitation programs MDOC is bringing to prisons across the state.

Cain says the hope is to get more inmates to learn better morals in life.

“We are trying to build our churches and we are trying to produce our preachers in prison, which we are doing with our seminary program,” said Cain. “And we are going to have jobs and skills but most of all we are going to have morality because moral people, again, won’t commit crimes.