COVID-19 response changes with emphasis on vaccination, access to vaccination, and consideration for children to get vaccinated.

President Joe Biden held a press conference on Tuesday to address his Administration’s response to COVID-19 for the next few months, ensuring that every American that wants to get vaccinated, can get vaccinated.


Biden outlined three priorities for the next few months:

  1. Determining whether or not children can be eligible to receive a vaccine. The FDA is currently looking at this and Biden says if it is approved, they will immediately allocate 20 million vaccines to children.
  2. Make it more accessible for individuals to get the vaccine though by texting your zip code to 438-829 to locate a vaccine site and appointment near you.
  3. Continue to provide information on the vaccine to those who have been skeptical about getting the vaccine.

“In two months let’s celebrate our Independence in this nation and independence from this virus,” said Biden.

Biden added he has set a goal to have at least 70% of the adult population vaccinated with the first vaccine by July 4, 2021.

The President said his Administration is already working to reallocate vaccines to rural areas and states that are in greater need for the vaccine than others. The U.S. is also providing vaccines to other countries like Canada and India. Biden said by July roughly 10% of America’s vaccine supply will be sent to other countries.

If the next phase is not successful, President Biden said they can do a few things like produce more of the vaccine and bring in effective spokespersons to inform communities of the benefits of the vaccine. He said these would be the steps taken prior to any kind of mandatory vaccine announcement.