Senator says the President’s policies are losing popularity.

Mississippi U.S. Senator Roger Wicker appeared on Fox Business this week where he called President Joe Biden “the $6 trillion man.”

Wicker is among a group of Republican Senators attempting to negotiate with Biden and the Democrats on an infrastructure bill.

“We have no choice but to try and negotiate a bipartisan bill,” Wicker told Fox Business. “We’ve made a good faith effort and the signs are hopeful.”

The Senator said while he’s optimistic, if Biden could “roll” them with another 51 vote, Wicker says he likely would that. However, Wicker says Biden’s plans are becoming less popular nationally amidst enough Democrats realizing what the proposed tax increases on job creators would do to hurt the economy.

Senator Wicker says Republicans are going to give the President an alternative infrastructure plan that would be a win for the American people, adding he doesn’t believe Republicans should bend or waiver on not raising taxes as Biden’s proposed.

Wicker also mentioned again his objection to making D.C. a state.

Watch Senator Wicker’s full interview below.