Mississippi daily cases averaging around 200.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves appeared on Fox Business on Monday saying the state is doing well after lifting nearly all of the COVID-19 restrictions.

“Hospitalizations are plummeting. The total number of cases continue to decline,” Reeves said. “We’re very pleased with where we find ourselves.”

The Governor said he is focused on getting more and more Mississippians vaccinated, having over a million people fully vaccinated so far.

Reeves said he believes in individual freedoms, when asked about stores being able to require masks. He said the public can choose whether to go into these establishments or not.

Reeves mentioned that large crowds are gathering at events in the state, such as at college baseball stadiums, and cases continue to hover around 200 per day. He said the 7-day average is down 90% since the high mark of 2,400 cases.

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Watch the full interview below.