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YP – Mississippi Governor ending additional federal unemployment benefits on June 12

“It has become clear to me that we cannot have a full economic recovery until we get the thousands of available jobs in our state filled. I have also directed MDES to prioritize pre-pandemic enforcement of all eligibility requirements for any individual to receive unemployment benefits under state law. Mississippi is open for business,” said Reeves on Facebook.

What seemingly began the conversation surrounding the termination of federal unemployment benefits that came due to the COVID-19 pandemic was the reality that many small businesses are reportedly having trouble keeping their doors open due to, what some term it as, the government paying people more to stay home rather than return to work.

In addition, Speaker of the House Philip Gunn sent a letter to Governor Tate Reeves urging him to end the state’s participation.

MSDH Daily COVID-19 Reporting – For 3 Days

YP – Mississippi gas prices steadily increasing post 2020 Presidential Election

A vital gas pipeline operated by Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline was the victim of a cyberattack over the weekend.  It carries gasoline and other fuel through Mississippi from Houston, Texas to the Northeast U.S., and delivers nearly 45% of the fuel consumed on the East Coast.

The White House and the Department of Commerce have been engaged with the company to attempt to unmask the culprits. The cyberattack was reportedly undertaken through ransomware locking company computers, perhaps via the group known as DarkSide. No description of the demands have been released at this time…

…Jimmy Heidelberg, Vice Chairman of the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board, says much of what consumers are seeing at the pump is self-inflicted by the Biden Administration… and it’s unlikely to see a decline anytime soon.

YP – ABBEY EDMONSON: Neanderthal Thinking – Neanderthal Results

YP – Snyder talks rate freeze required by 2021 Medicaid Tech bill

Director of the Division of Medicaid, Drew Snyder, sat down with Y’all Politics to discuss the most recent action on proposed administrative rules required by the 2021 Medicaid tech bill which mandated a provider rate freeze.

YP – Treasury Launches Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to Deliver $350 Billion

The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced the launch of the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, established by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, to provide $350 billion in emergency funding for state, local, territorial, and Tribal governments.  Treasury also released details on the ways funds can be used to respond to acute pandemic-response needs, fill revenue shortfalls among state and local governments, and support the communities and populations hardest-hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Eligible state, territorial, metropolitan city, county, and Tribal governments will be able to access funding directly from the Treasury Department in the coming days to assist communities as they recover from the pandemic.

“Today is a milestone in our country’s recovery from the pandemic and its adjacent economic crisis. With this funding, communities hit hard by COVID-19 will able to return to a semblance of normalcy; they’ll be able to rehire teachers, firefighters and other essential workers – and to help small businesses reopen safely,” said Secretary Janet L. Yellen.

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YP- Auditor’s Office Partners with School Districts to Cut Outside-the-Classroom Spending, Direct Education Money to Teachers and Students

Mississippi public schools could eliminate ineffective outside-the-classroom spending to potentially redirect over $200 million to teacher salaries and classroom expenses each year, according to reports released this month by State Auditor Shad White. White’s office recently partnered with three school districts to find ways to improve how they operate. This pilot project was conducted with the help of the advanced data analytics firm GlimpseK12 and was funded by the Mississippi Office of the State Auditor.

For the project, GlimpseK12 reviewed every expenditure made by three school districts over a period of time and offered data-driven recommendations to eliminate useless spending.

After the Auditor’s office released a series of education spending reports in 2019 and 2020, representatives from three school systems – Columbus Municipal School District, Hinds County School District, and Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District – volunteered to have their operations and expenditures examined with these cutting-edge data analytics techniques.

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