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YP – MS Senate hearing dives into medical marijuana conversation and direction of potential program

Legislators urged the committee to take into consideration the rules and regulations that come with the medical marijuana program as well as placing an emphasis on its medical use, not recreational…

…Dr. Dobbs went into depth on the known potential harms of Cannabis (THC) and the information that they have learned along the way. MSDH has been working to implement the state’s program since Initiative 65 passed in November 2020.

Ken Newburger explained that though the Initiative was good from a patient perspective he recognized that there were problems from a business perspective.

YP – Despite media reports, Hosemann says state law indicates photo ID’s are free to Mississippi voters

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann said some media outlets have gotten facts about how Voter ID is codified in state law wrong, and that the provision regarding free Voter ID cards has indeed been codified into law.

“Recent news articles have stated a provision of Mississippi’s Voter ID law, allowing a Mississippian to be issued a free voter identification card, has not been codified in state law.  Those articles are inaccurate.  The provision requiring a free Voter ID card is provided for in state law,” said Hosemann…

…Both the Clarion Ledger and Mississippi Today reported that there was no way for a voter in Mississippi to obtain a free Voter ID in order to head to the polls. Mississippi Today quoted current Secretary of State Michael Watson in a recent interview with Paul Gallo on Supertalk, who said that the ability to be issued a free identification card to vote is not codified into law.

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YP – Biden’s energy policies look to be costing Mississippi taxpayers billions in “soft tax”

Economists generally believe that artificially high gas prices are one of the most pernicious economic penalties that disproportionately affects lower income earners, a segment of the population Democrats say their policies are meant to help. But gas prices in Mississippi are up over $1.20 per gallon since President Joe Biden won the 2020 election, and while Mississippi generally ranks near the bottom in terms of gas prices nationally, the Magnolia State ranks 8th nationally in terms of gas consumption per capita generally because of low population density as a rural state…

…More oil restrictions, less leasing and production, higher costs, and less energy for the U.S. as a whole generally correlate to less economic development and lower job growth over time, but it also means less money in the pockets for Mississippians in a rural state where gas consumption is naturally higher.

YP – Y’all Politics welcomes Summerhays as new Political Reporter

Anne Summerhays has joined Y’all Politics as a Political Reporter as of June 1, 2021. She will report on political news daily for Y’all Politics, joining Sarah Ulmer in the Mississippi Capitol to cover stories involving the Mississippi Legislature, education and business.

She is a recent graduate of Millsaps College where she earned a degree in Political Science and minors in American Studies and Sociology.

Summerhays brings experience from the workings of local and state government and has experience in congressional office settings and public affairs. She previously interned for Capitol Resources, LLC, in Jackson. She also held a Legislative Fellowship with the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi in the spring. Summerhays has worked on various campaigns throughout her time in college and has interned on Capitol Hill with Congressman Steve Scalise in Washington, D.C. in 2019.

YP – Maxwell Approves $4 million to SwyftConnect for Broadband Deployment

On Wednesday, Chairman Dane Maxwell of the Mississippi Public Service Commission joined leadership and staff from SwyftConnect, formerly known as Cablesouth Media III, LLC, to formally sign an order releasing $4 million to bring high-speed internet service to Amite, Lamar and Wilkinson counties.

“It’s always an exciting day when I can sign off on projects like this that bring such a huge impact to Mississippians, especially to those who need it most,” Chairman Dane Maxwell said. “With the help of this federal funding, SwyftConnect will be able to provide high-speed internet to its customers who may have never had access to it before.”

SwyftConnect recently participated in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) Phase I Auction process and was awarded the $4,045,170.

YP – MCMAHAN: Medicaid Expansion, A New Discussion

I’m hearing from farmers, who are small business owners employing as many as 10 employees, that want health insurance for their families and their employees. Some of the largest corporations in the state are located in the district I represent,  and they are expressing their desire to expand Medicaid for their employees and their families.  All of the companies and their owners are deeply concerned  and want the best for their employees and their families.   It is my responsibility to listen to their concerns and at least consider the numbers and what a possible expansion of the Medicaid program would look like and cost.

I am not taking a position on Medicaid expansion at this time.   However, I am willing to have hearings to look at the latest data and results and follow that data wherever it leads. If it makes sense for the taxpayers and it brings healthcare to all working Mississippians, it’s my duty to at least review and consider the information.