After recent hearing, state Sen. Brice Wiggins says yes.

State Senator Brice Wiggins (R) joined Y’all Politics on Wednesday morning to recap the recent Mississippi Senate Public Health Committee hearing where lawmakers heard from the Mississippi Department of Health, supporters of Initiative 65 and others as they now consider the implementation of a medical marijuana program after the state Supreme Court ruled against the initiative process. That ruling threw the implementation of the medical marijuana program approved by voters in limbo.

Wiggins said more hearings would be held over the next few weeks as legislators begin to craft a bill and work with their counterparts in the House to come to an agreement should Governor Tate Reeves decide to call a special session later this year.

The Coast state Senator pointed out that he and his colleagues are seriously debating whether to also consider recreational marijuana usage in conjunction with a medical marijuana program, along with amending laws dealing with the criminalization of marijuana usage.

Watch the full interview with Sen. Brice Wiggins below.